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Servicemen celebrated for Armed Forces Day

Servicemen celebrated for Armed Forces Day Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Armed Forces Day is being celebrated around the region today as communities show their support for our servicemen. In Lawrence Weston in Bristol a community party being held with local cadets being celebrated.

Schools, clubs and local businesses will be joining the event and helping to raise money for Help for Heroes.


Redundancies in armed forces announced

Armed forces redundancies will be announced today Credit: Tim Ireland / PA Wire

More than a thousand armed forces personnel are being informed today that they must quit the services as part of efforts to control defence spending.

It is unclear how many people in our region will be affected by these latest cuts to be announced by the Ministry of Defence.

A large number of people in the south west have already lost their jobs in previous rounds of cutbacks.

30% of the 3,800 confirmed redundancies are compulsory - with the bulk coming from the Army, which is facing the biggest overall cuts.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said fewer than expected were being axed from the Royal Navy and the RAF due to other measures such as slowed recruitment.

In total, 170 and 330 personnel from those two services are receiving notices - 29% of them on a compulsory basis.