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Victory for quarry campaigners - full report

Campaigners have won their battle to prevent hazardous waste - including asbestos - being dumped at a quarry near Chew Valley Lake.

A public inquiry was held in September after the owner of Stowey Quarry appealed against the local council's decision.

Today, a government planning inspector dismissed the proposals. Katie Rowlett has this report...


MP praises quarry protestors

Campaigners have won their battle to prevent hazardous waste - including asbestos - being dumped at Stowey Quarry on the Mendips.

There have been numerous protests and challenges against plans for the landfill site and a public inquiry was held in September. The planning inspector has ruled against the proposals because of the impact on the landscape and the possible risk to the Chew Valley Lake reservoir nearby.

Local MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has welcomed the ruling and praised the protestors for their persistence.

Inspector dismisses appeal to dump asbestos at quarry

A Planning Inspector has dismissed an appeal by the owner of Stowey Quarry in the Chew Valley to dump asbestos at the site.

The planning application was refused unanimously by Bath & North East Somerset Council (BANES) last year.

Quarry owner Larry Edmund appealed this decision, which was the subject of a planning inquiry.

More than 4,000 residents signed a petition against the plans fearing asbestos could contaminate Chew Valley Lake - Bristol's main source of drinking water.

The Inspector made his decision on three grounds:

  • The proposal would cause harm to the character and the appearance of the area, and would conflict with existing policies.
  • The risk to the groundwater and thus to Chew Valley Lake of a failure either in the liner or the waste acceptance procedures at the site would be significant.
  • The fear of asbestos fibres escaping into the air and water would have an adverse effect on the living conditions of the local community.

We are delighted with the Inspector’s decision which will safeguard the Chew Valley lake and local community from the threat of harmful wastes including asbestos.

The decisions taken by BANES and the EA in June 2011 have now been shown to be flawed.

At each and every stage valid objections and clear evidence have been ignored by both authorities who purport to protect our communities.

In the absence of adequate rigour, it was left to the community to correct these mistakes.

It would restore some confidence within this community if the authorities were to acknowledge this and apologise.

– Sally Monkhouse, chair of SSAG

Full report: Stowey Quarry public inquiry

Campaigners fighting proposals to dump asbestos and other harmful waste at a quarry in the Mendips have been dealt another blow.

A government inspector has confirmed that revised plans will now be considered.

Local people - and Bristol Water - say they're concerned that dumping the waste could pollute Chew Valley Lake.

But today the firm behind the plans says it won't dispose of materials that could easily leak into the water table.

Katie Rowlett reports:

Public inquiry into asbestos dumping at quarry

Bath and North East Somerset Council had rejected the application. Credit: ITV News West Country

A public inquiry begins today into plans to dump asbestos at Stowey Quarry.

There's been opposition against the idea to put hazardous waste into the quarry near Bristol as it's close to Chew Valley Lake reservoir.

Bath and North East Somerset Council rejected the application but the company behind the plans pushed for the pubic inquiry which is now expected to last three days.


Ten arrested over hazardous waste

UK's 'biggest ever' hazardous waste raid Credit: ITV West

Ten people have been arrested as part of an investigation into the dumping of hazardous waste including heavy metals and asbestos by an Avonmouth company.

Sixty Environment Agency investigators along with Avon and Somerset Police carried out dawn raids on several sites.

The Environment Agency said it was the UK's biggest ever hazardous waste raid and they are looking into whether there is any risk to public health.

The ten have been released on bail until January. The investigation is expected to take several months to complete.

Stowey quarry campaigners celebrate victory

Controversial plans to allow asbestos to be dumped in a quarry in Somerset have been turned down unamimously by planners.

Campaigners, including celebrity Dr Phil Hammond, have been fighting for years to stop the proposals for Stowey Quarry in the Chew Valley near Bristol.

Opponents say there would be a real danger of contamination and pollution.

Richard Payne was there...

LATEST REPORT: Save Stowey Quarry campaign

Campaigners are waiting to hear if they've won their fight to prevent asbestos being dumped in Stowey Quarry near Chew Valley. A decision is due over plans for the site, which have been met with strong opposition. Local people say it could contaminate the area's water supply.

Our reporter Richard Payne sent us this report from the site

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