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Horses attacked in Forest of Dean

Police have launched an investigation after nine horses were attacked Credit: ITV Westcountry

Police are investigating an attack on a group of horses in the Forest of Dean. Nine horses and ponies belonging to Kay Coleman and her daughter had their manes and tales cut, and their faces burnt.

The attack happened at the time of the summer solstice. It's thought the hair could have been stolen for a religious ritual but Kay thinks there may be a simpler explanation.


Polar bear attack: upset over decision not to prosecute

The family of Wiltshire schoolboy Horatio Chapple, who was mauled to death in a polar bear attack in Norway are to appeal against a decision not to prosecute the trip's organisers. Four others, including Michael Reid from Plymouth and Scott Bennell-Smith from Cornwall were badly injured.

Aftermath of polar bear attack in Svalbard
Horatio Chapple from Salisbury was killed in the attack in Summer 2011