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Speed cameras to be switched back on in Bristol

Four cameras are confirmed as going back into action Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA

Four Bristol speed cameras are to be switched back on for the first time in three years.

Fixed speed and red light cameras across the Avon and Somerset region were switched off in 2011 when the Government stopped funding safety camera partnerships. But now, after a period of repairs and replacements, four are going back into action at the following sites:

  • A4018 Westbury Road, north off Brecon Road;
  • A4174 junction of Airport Road and Creswicke Road;
  • A4174 junction of Hartcliffe Way and Novers Lane;
  • B3122 St John’s Lane west of Littleton Road.

There are 52 static cameras across the region that could eventually be reactivated, but the council have not yet confirmed any dates.

We are taking a staged approach to the switch on of cameras which will not mean that all sites are switched on at the same time.

We do not have a date for switching on the cameras at these sites as we are still working with partners and suppliers to ensure all necessary procedures and permissions are in place.

– Bristol City Council

People caught speeding face a £60 fine and three penalty points on their licence. Excessive speeding can lead to a court case, more points, or even a driving ban.

"We love you, we miss you...just come home"; the heartfelt plea to missing schoolgirl Yusra Hussein

The family of missing Bristol schoolgirl Yusra Hussein have launched another heartfelt appeal for her to come home.

Speaking on ITV's "The Morning", Yusra's aunt Sucdi Ali spoke into the camera, appealing directly to her niece to come back to her parents.

15 year old Yusra has not been seen since she boarded a flight to Turkey in September. It is feared that she and another girl were on their way to Syria to become a jihadi brides to IS fighters.


Head of Avon and Somerset Police won't be prosecuted over claims of gross misconduct

Nick Gargan won't be prosecuted over claims of gross misconduct Credit: ITV News

A Chief Constable, suspended over claims of inappropriate advances to junior female members of staff, won't be prosecuted.

Nick Gargan, head of Avon and Somerset police, was interviewed under criminal caution regarding allegations of gross misconduct for alleged breaches of the Data Protection Act.

It was claimed that he abused the police email system by sending messages about police business, containing personal data, to individuals unconnected to the force.

He was suspended in May and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPPC) launched an investigation which they have now completed.

They announced today that Mr Gargan won't face criminal charges.

Instead, Avon and Somerset's Police and Crime Commissioner, Sue Mountstevens, will decide on his fate.

"I have provided the police and crime commissioner, Sue Mountstevens, with a report detailing our findings as to whether or not Mr Gargan has a case to answer for either misconduct or gross misconduct and should face disciplinary proceedings.

"Our investigation uncovered evidence that the Chief Constable may have breached the Data Protection Act by sending emails concerning police business, which contained personal data, to individuals unconnected to the force. Having thoroughly considered that evidence, I decided that it was insufficient for a referral to the Crown Prosecution Service.

"Under police complaints procedure, it is now a matter for the PCC to respond to me with a decision on what action she proposes to take as a result of our findings.”

– IPCC Deputy Chair Rachel Cerfontyne

Aunt of missing Bristol girl makes fresh appeal

Yusra Hussien. Credit: family

The aunt of a missing 15-year-old girl from Bristol has made a new appeal for her safe return.

Yusra Hussien is believed to have joined jihadists in Syria after catching a flight to Turkey two weeks ago.

Yusra's aunt, Sucdi Ali, says her niece has been 'brainwashed by powerful people':

Father's plea to runaway daughter

15 year old Bristol girl Yusra Hussien has been missing for two weeks Credit: ITV News

The father of a missing London girl who is feared to have travelled to Syria with a missing girl from Bristol, has made a desperate plea for her to come home.

Abdirashiid Saciid Dirie has urged his 17-year-old daughter Samya Dirie to return saying "nobody's against you".

She is believed to have left Heathrow with 15 year-old Bristol girl Yusra Hussien nearly two weeks ago.

He believes she met the Bristol teenager on the internet and must have been influenced by extremists online.

The police say they want the teenagers to come home and this case is about missing young girls, not a crime.

Miss Dirie, a student from south London, disappeared after telling her parents she was going on an early morning trip with her college.

They then discovered that her passport and money was missing and now believe that she is too scared to come home.

She called a cousin a few days ago and said she is in a safe place, possibly Turkey.

Mr Dirie says: "She told her she is somewhere far away, and she did not say where she is, she also said she was afraid of the police if she comes back."

Yusra's mother Safiya broke down in tears in an emotional press conference last week as she begged her daughter, who has not been seen since she leaving her family home in Easton, Bristol, for school on September 24, to come home.

She said: "Yusra, I am your mum, I love you. Please, please, please, we miss you, come back.

"I love you so much. All your brothers and your sister miss you so, so much. The house is not the same."

Family friends previously said they believed Yusra, who wears a hijab as part of her faith, had become radicalised on chat rooms and forums online. It is not yet clear how she met the 17-year-old.

Yusra's parents have stressed that nothing has been proven about their daughter's beliefs.


Counter Terrorism Unit takes over Yusra Hussien investigation

The investigation into a missing schoolgirl from Bristol, believed to be travelling to Syria, has been handed to the South East Counter Terrorism Unit.

It is hoped the unit's international links will enable Yusra Hussien to be traced.

Avon and Somerset Police say they will continue to work with Yusra's family and the local community in Easton.

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