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CCTV released in connection with Bridgwater assault

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Police have released CCTV footage of men they believe could be responsible for the Brigdwater assault.

The attack took place on 21 January. The man involved, wore a balaclava-type mask over his face, and broke in through a unsecured door at around 7.50am.

He proceeded to tie up his victims and threaten them with a knife. A sexual assault also took place.

We’ve identified two pieces of CCTV footage taken from cameras in Bridgwater on Tuesday 20 January – the day before the incident. Although the men in the footage look similar and are wearing similar clothing, we can’t conclusively say they are the same person so we could be looking to speak to two men.

– Andy Williams, Senior Investigating Officer


33% increase in complaints against Avon and Somerset Police

There were a total of 1189 complaints last year Credit: ITV News

Last year complaints against Avon and Somerset Police increased by over a third - a total of 1189.

This compares with an increase of 15% across England and Wales.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission says the hike is partly due to complaints about operational policing being included as well as those about officers' conduct.

Con artists who scammed elderly out of £15,000 jailed

The pair travelled across the south of England targeting pensioners. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

A father and son who conned Alzheimer's sufferers out of thousands of pounds have been jailed for their crimes.

Albert Webb, 51, and his 26-year-old son Jimmy Chuter targeted elderly people across Avon and Somerset and other parts of South England, demanding they pay for work on their homes that they had never done.

Some of their victims had dementia or Alzheimer's Disease, and most were women in their 80s and 90s. The oldest was a 97-year-old man.

If the victim did not have the cash they would drive them to the bank, and would sometimes burgle their homes while they were distracted. In total the pair are believed to have stolen £15,000.

The pair pleaded guilty, with Chuter sentenced to four years for conspiracy to defraud, and Webb to three-and-a-half years for the same and other charges.

The police are searching for a third man in connection with these crimes. Jessie Webb, 19, is believed to be in the Surrey and London areas.

Stranger danger cases in Bristol and South Glos are not a "linked series of attempted abductions"

Police investigating a number of suspicious incidents involving men approaching children outside schools in Bristol and South Gloucestershire say they don't believe they are "a series of linked attempted abductions."

Avon and Somerset Police have now investigated most of the incidents that were reported. In some cases they turned out to be simply inappropriate and abusive comments, incidents not involving children or, in other cases, not an incident at all.

"While we understand any incident involving stranger danger are worrying for parents, these reports do not involve any attempted abductions."

– Avon & Somerset Police


More mental health care for pregnant women

More support is to be offered to women who are at risk of mental health problems during pregnancy following the death of a mother and newborn baby in Bristol.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) said women who are at risk of mental health problems should receive extra support before, during and after their pregnancy.

Louise Howard, a perinatal psychiatrist, chaired the Guideline Development Group for NICE.

Baby Zaani 'identified by hospital wristband'

Charlotte Bevan

A coronor's officer has told an inquest that a four day old baby found in the Avon Gorge in Bristol was identified by her wristband.

Zaani Tiana and her mother Charlotte Bevan, vanished from St Michael's Hospital in Bristol on December 2.

CCTV footage captured the new mother leaving the ward in a t-shirt and hospital flip flop slippers, with her baby wrapped in a blanket, despite near freezing conditions.

Following a city-wide search the body of Charlotte was found on the cliff face of the Avon Gorge, Bristol, almost two miles away from the hospital ward, a day after she disappeared.

The body of little Zaani Tiana was found near where her mother had been found, 15 hours later, following an extensive search.

A short hearing at Avon Coroner's Court, in Flax Bourton, near Bristol, heard that the pair had apparently fallen from the cliffs, that overlook Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Charlotte Bevan, the deceased, had recently given birth to a baby daughter. She was seen on CCTV leaving St Michael's Hospital with the child on December 2 2014. Her lifeless body was found in a gully in Avon Gorge having apparently fallen. She was pronounced dead at 21.17 on December 3. Zaani Tiana was pronounced dead on December 4 at 15.02 in Avon Gorge. She was identified by her hospital wristband. The deceased was found lifeless in Avon Gorge. The body of her mother, Charlotte Bevan, was found nearby.

– Alex Basson, coroner's officer

The hearing was adjourned while reports and statements are prepared for the coroner.

A full inquest into the tragic double death will be heard on 16 April 2015.

No family attended the short hearing.

The funeral of Charlotte and her daughter is due to be held on Friday near her home in Bristol.

Inquest: Mother and baby 'found lifeless after falling'

Charlotte Bevan

An inquest has opened and been adjourned into the death of a mother and baby who's bodies were found in the Avon Gorge in Bristol.

No cause of death was given at the inquest in Flax Bourton, but coroner Dr Peter Harrowing said that both bodies were "found lifeless after apparently falling". The inquest will be held on April 16.

Thirty-year-old Charlotte Bevan left St Michael's Hospital in Bristol with four-day-old Zaani Tiana at around 9pm on December 2. CCTV footage showed the new mother leaving the hospital without a coat, wearing hospital slippers, carrying her daughter in a blanket.

Search teams located the bodies of Ms Bevan and Zaani on the Avon Gorge on December 3 and 4 respectively.

Charlotte Bevan and baby Zaani inquest begins

The inquest into the death of a mother and baby whose bodies were found in the Avon Gorge in Bristol opens today.

Charlotte Bevan and her newborn daughter Zaani went missing from St Michael's Hospital earlier this month, prompting a huge search.

Their funeral is to be held on Friday at Christ Church in Clifton, followed by a private cremation ceremony for family only.

Charlotte and her baby died two weeks ago.
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