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Police dog joins in 'push-up challenge'

A police dog from the Avon & Somerset force has joined his handler in taking part in a 'push-up challenge.'

PC Steve Hopwood is doing 22 push-ups a day as part of the #22Kill challenge.

The campaign gets it's name from the number of US service veterans who commit suicide every day. This is echoed in the British former-service community.

In this country, suicide is the biggest cause of death in men under 45. The campaign hopes to get more people to talk about suicide and stop people suffering in silence.

On the 9th day of his push-up challenge, PC Hopwood was joined by his canine team mate!

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Man arrested for impersonating police officer

A man has been arrested for impersonating a police officer after fitting his car with blue lights and the police website address.

The 22-year-old from Yeovil was caught driving in the town, on the M5, and Wiltshire and Dorset.

The car had blue lights and the force website fitted to it Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

The vehicle – a silver saloon 5-series BMW – had blue lights fitted to the rear window, as well as the police website address.

It was spotted in Yeovil, and the driver arrested. He has been released on bail awaiting further enquiries.

Officers are now keen to hear from anyone who may have seen the car during the early part of this month, or may have been stopped by the car.

  • Anyone with information is asked to contact Tri force Specialist Operations on 101, quoting reference 5216119382


Police shut down illegal raves in Bath and South Gloucestershire

Police shut down two illegal raves in South Gloucestershire and Bath overnight after calls from local residents.

A group of around 200 people were found partying in muddy conditions under the Bath to Bristol railway line, with some straying onto the train tracks.

CCTV showing the illegal rave Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

A police operation involving local officers, mounted and dog units and staff from British Transport Police eventually cleared the site by 6 o'clock this morning (Sunday 26th June)

Meanwhile, they were also alerted to a second, smaller gathering in Nupdown Lane in Oldbury-on-Severn just after midnight.

The event had been advertised on social media and police worked to stop more people joining the 50 to 60 who had already gathered.

A closure notice was issued and the sound system seized. Police say the site was cleared by 5am on Sunday (26th June)

We are grateful to the local community for their support in identifying both events at an early stage so that we could take direct action.

It is always challenging to manage large numbers of people in the dark, in the rain and in the mud especially near railway lines or close to the seashore but on this occasion we were able to act swiftly on the information provided by residents, to stop the disturbance promptly.

– Superintendent Chris Weigold, Avon & Somerset Police
Credit: PA

Illegal motorist chased down by police in horseback

A motorist was left with a long face when he was chased down in his car - by police on horseback.

Mounted officers were forced to give chase after they tried to stop a car in Bristol city centre but the driver tried to get away.

Once they managed to stop the vehicle, the driver was then found to have no license or insurance. Drugs and a knife were also recovered.

The incident, was put out on Twitter yesterday by an officer, who then went on to explain what happened to local paper The Bristol Post.

Avon and Somerset Police horses Credit: Avon
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