Dorset farmer frustrated over TB delays

One of Dorset's leading farmers says he's increasingly frustrated with the Government's decision not to extend badger culling trials.

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Call for restrictions on balaclavas following badger cull

Protesters during the pilot badger cull in Gloucestershire Credit: ITV News West Country

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire, Martin Surl, is calling for a law change on balaclavas, in the wake of the badger culls. He says protesters' and marksmen's face coverings created an intimidating atmosphere, and wants more limits on when they can be worn.

TB hits farm of Dorset badger cull campaigner

A Dorset farmer who campaigned for the Badger Cull to be extended into the county, has spoken of his despair at the discovery of TB on his farm.

This afternoon Paul Gould from West Stour began the heartbreaking task of loading a quarter of his prize cattle onto a lorry to be taken off for slaughter. Eli-Louise Wringe has spent the day on the farm and has this report.


Team Badger reaction

It’s almost beyond belief that the Government is still trying to continue with its clumsy and ill-advised policy of badger killing. Last year's culls in Gloucester and Somerset have been condemned by its own advisory panel as inhumane and ineffective, and the scientific community has warned that the result of these culls will most likely be an actual worsening of the bTB problem in these areas.

There is no reason to suppose that future culls will be anything other than even more spectacular failures.

Millions of pounds of the taxpayers' money are being spent on killing mostly healthy wild animals – money that should now be spent on vaccination, which is the only realistic hope of eradicating bovine TB.

– Brian May, Queen Guitarist and founder of The Save Me Trust

It truly beggars belief that despite overwhelming scientific consensus that culling badgers can make no meaningful contribution to tackling bovine TB; despite damning evidence from post mortems, Natural England observations and the leaked IEP report that the pilot culls were inhumane and caused unacceptable badger suffering; and despite considerable political and public opposition to further badger persecution, this government still arrogantly refuses to listen to sense or science.

– Mark Jones, Gloucestershire vet, & executive director of Humane Society International UK

Kelly Brook's ex crashed vanload of dead badgers in Gloucester

A former boyfriend of model Kelly Brook has been fined for careless driving after crashing a van loaded with dead badgers into a bus stop in Gloucester. David McIntosh had been hired to transport the carcasses during last year's badger cull.

McIntosh pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention in a letter to Stroud magistrates. The former Royal Marine, who has appeared on the television show Gladiators, claimed the crash was caused when the radio he used to receive messages from police fell under his foot pedals.

McIntosh, 28, of Altrincham, Cheshire, was fined £91 with a £20 victim surcharge, told to pay £30 costs and his licence was endorsed with six penalty points. Police have denied claims they told marksmen involved in the controversial badger cull the location of protesters.

"We are aware that David McIntosh pleaded guilty today to driving without due care and attention and driving other than in accordance with a licence, following a road traffic collision in September last year.

"We are also aware of his reasons for that crash.

"We would like to make it perfectly clear that at no point during the pilot badger cull did police communicate the location of protesters to any contractors

"We are now investigating the comments made by Mr McIntosh and determining if any further action is appropriate."

– Gloucestershire Police spokeswoman


DEFRA: Glos badger cull extension successful

The badger cull extension in Gloucestershire has been hailed a success by the Government. In a statement from DEFRA (Dept. of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), the Government said the five-week cull extension has seen 'significant' numbers of badgers removed.

This is despite the extension ending early, because not enough badgers had been killed. Overall, the badger population was reduced by 40% in the cull zone, against the Government's original target of 70%.

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