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Swindon cyclist attacked by badger

Swindon cyclist attacked by badger Credit: Ben Birchall/PA

A cyclist in Swindon has told police he was attacked by a badger. North Swindon police reacted light-heartedly, posting a tongue-in-cheek incident report on their Facebook page.

One of our more unusual reports in the last week has been from someone who had a close shave with a bristly character in North Swindon.

A cyclist was riding on the path by Thamesdown Drive near Redhouse at night when an aggressive badger rushed out of the undergrowth and attacked him on his bike. The shaken rider escaped by a whisker from this black and white case of assault – pretty paw behaviour indeed.

In all seriousness badgers can be territorial, bold and very hostile, so do be wary if you come across one at night and give it a wide berth. Meanwhile if you’ve been ‘sett upon’ or badgered by this offender let us know.

– North Swindon Police

Work begins in Wiltshire on badger damaged road

The road near Corsley has been closed for three weeks Credit: ITV News West Country

Work has begun on a road in Wiltshire to fill in two three feet deep potholes which has seen the road closed for three weeks.

Part of the road near Corsley collapsed after badgers tunnelled underneath it and there were fears repair work wouldn't be carried out until any cubs had matured.

The road is one of the main access routes to the Longleat caravan site Credit: ITV News West Country

However, Natural England have approved the work and the road should open at the end of the week.


Brian May to meet badger cull protesters

Brian May will meet anti-cull protesters in Gloucestershire later Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

The singer Brian May, one of the leading opponents of the badger cull, is due to meet protesters in Gloucestershire later.

The trial cull, aimed at controlling the spread of TB in cattle, is underway in Somerset and is widely believed to have started in West Gloucestershire. Mr May will also meet people living near the cull zone to discuss their views on the operation.

Minister defends Badger Cull

On the day that the badger cull is expected to get under way, the Environment Minister David Heath has justified the reasons for the controversial action.

Speaking on ITV's Daybreak programme, Mr Heath, the MP for Somerton & Frome said he understands the protestors' concerns, but insists he wants to see both healthy badgers and healthy cattle in the future.

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