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Death row grandmother meets her granddaughter for the first time

A Cheltenham grandmother, sentenced to die for drug smuggling, has met her two-year-old granddaughter for the first time - just weeks before she is due to be executed in Bali.

Lindsay Sandiford's granddaughter Ayla rushed to visit the 59-year-old after her lawyers were told her name was on a list of ten drug traffickers scheduled to be shot on September 21.

Since then however her legal team has been told by Indonesian government officials there will be a temporary suspension of executions until the end of the year - meaning she could face the firing squad as early as January.

Lindsay Sandiford plays with her two-year-old granddaughter Credit:

The decision means Mrs Sandiford - who has been refused legal funding by the British government - now has only weeks to raise the £25,000 she needs to fund a final appeal against her death penalty.

The grandmother met Ayla during several emotional meetings last week, where the pair hugged and played in a visiting room at Kerobokan prison, where she is being held.

She was also reunited with her 26-year-old son Lewis - Ayla's father - for the first time since her arrest in 2012.

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  • Following the executions of two Australian drug dealers in April, Lindsay Sandiford said she was "deeply saddened" by the fates of her friends.
  • Brit sentenced to death by Bali court

Death row grandmother appeals to Sir Richard Branson

Lindsay Sandiford is hoping Sir Richard Branson will back her last-ditch appeal against her death sentence Credit: PA

A woman from Cheltenham who is on death row in Indonesia for drug-trafficking, has written to Sir Richard Branson in a desperate bid for backing for a last-ditch final appeal against her sentence.

Lindsay Sandiford, who is 58, is facing death by firing squad after being convicted for drug offences in 2012. She has started saying her goodbyes after running out of money for further appeals and following the recent executions of eight convicted drug smugglers, including two Australians, by the Indonesian authorities.

Lindsay Sandiford, seen here after her arrest in 2012, says she longs to see her grand daughter who was born afterwards Credit: PA

You can read the letter to Sir Richard Branson here:

Lindsay Sandiford's letter to Sir Richard Branson


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Grandmother on death row 'remains in jeopardy'

The Supreme Court has said Lindsay Sandiford, the grandmother on death row in Bali, "remains in jeopardy" and is in "urgent need of legal help".

Lindsay Sandiford during her first trial Credit: Reuters

The 57-year-old from Cheltenham has lost a battle at the UK's highest court over the lawfulness of a Government policy not to provide funding for legal representation to Britons facing capital charges abroad.

Five Supreme Court justices in London unanimously dismissed a challenge by Sandiford, who was convicted last year of trafficking drugs into Bali and sentenced to death by firing squad.

The Supreme Court called on the Government to carry out an urgent review of whether funding for legal representation can be given in the case.

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Grandmother in Bali prison loses court funding battle

Lindsay Sandiford will be sentenced to death by firing squad in Bali. Credit: PA

Grandmother Lindsay Sandiford, who is on death row in Indonesia for trafficking drugs to Bali, has lost her latest battle at the UK's highest court to get funding to fight her case.

Sandiford, 57, from Cheltenham, Gloucester, was sentenced to death by firing squad after being arrested in May 2012 for smuggling 4.8kg (10.6lb) of cocaine worth £1.6 million from Bangkok.

She claimed she was forced to transport the drugs to protect her children, whose safety was at stake.

An appeal against her sentence was rejected but she is continuing to fight her case.

However, she is currently without legal representation and tried to challenge the lawfulness of a Government policy not to provide funding for Britons facing capital charges abroad.

But today five judges in the Supreme Court unanimously dismissed her case ruling the policy was lawful even in death penalty cases.


MP pledges to fight grandmother's death sentence

The MP for Cheltenham, Martin Horwood, has pledged to fight the death penalty imposed on former Cheltenham resident, Lindsay Sandiford, in the light of her failure to win her appeal at the Indonesian Supreme Court.

  • He is working with the charity Reprieve supporting Mrs Sandiford in Indonesia
  • He plans to meet with the Foreign Office to discuss how to get her legal advice to help find evidence that could mean a Judicial Review
  • He will request another meeting with the Indonesian Ambassador to discuss her sentence

Failed death sentence appeal for Cheltenham Grandmother

Foreign Office has confirmed that a grandmother from Cheltenham has lost her appeal against a death sentence for drug trafficking in Bali. Lindsay Sandiford was sentenced to death by firing squad for smuggling more than £1.5 million of cocaine into the country in May last year.

She claimed she was forced to do it. There are reports that the Indonesian Supreme Court judges have rejected her second - and possibly final - appeal.

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