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Council will do its best to protect the new Banksy

You can clearly see the paint splatter on "Girl with a pierced eardrum" Credit: ITV News

Bristol City Council has revealed that it owns the building in Hanover Place where the new Banksy, known as "Girl with a pierced eardrum" has appeared.

It has released a statement saying that it will try to protect the mural, which has already been vandalised by someone daubing paint on it.

I can confirm that the building does belong to Bristol City Council although it is leased to private tenants. We will consider the options available to protect the Banksy and will work with the tenants of the building as appropriate.

– Bristol City Council spokesman


Viewers' comments on defaced Bristol Banksy

The vandalised Banksy this morning Credit: ITV News West Country

Banksy generously gives our city his world renowned art yet these morons choose to damage it for no reason other than vandalism

– Carol Kingscott on Facebook

Surely if someone finds it that offensive they can report it to the council for cleaning off rather than vandalising and spoiling it for others who enjoy it. Probably the same idiots who vandalised the gromits around Bristol!

– Sarah Smith on Facebook

From the little I know of Banksy, he only paints pictures which are ''acceptable'' to the masses rather than Graffiti which is usually abhored by the masses. Why someone would want to destroy any of his works, is beyond me. Jealousy, perhaps?

– Matt Mitchell on Facebook
The paint on the wall at Bristol docks Credit: ITV News West Country

I think Banksy's work makes dull places look interesting, plus seeing as he is known globally, I'm sure he has helped to bring in extra tourism and that can't be a bad thing. I'd be quite proud if we had a Banksy on one of our buildings in Okehampton. Throwing paint over his work is just somebodies angry jealousy getting the better of them!

– Caitlynne Reddington on Facebook

New Bristol Banksy splashed with paint

The new Bristol Banksy has been splashed with paint Credit: ITV News West Country

The new Banksy mural which has apperared on a wall in Bristol docks has been defaced overnight.

The mural, which pays tribute to Vermeer's girl with a pearl earring, was splashed with paint, although the main part of the artwork is still visible.

A close up view of the paint splattered in the wall Credit: ITV News West Country


Banksy's Bristol tribute to Vermeer

The graffiti artist Banksy has once again chosen his home city for his latest work.

The mural, which pays tribute to Vermeer's girl with a pearl earring, has gone up on a wall in Bristol docks, near the Cottage Inn and ss Great Britain. Banksy's trademark sense of humour comes into play again though - with a burglar alarm standing in for the original's jewellery.

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