Bristol loves Banksy's "Mobile Lovers"

Fans of Banksy's new work, which is on display at the Bristol Museum after being rescued from a wall in the city, say it should stay there

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Hundreds queue in Bristol to see Banksy

Hundreds queue in Bristol to see Banksy Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Thousands of people having been queuing for a glimpse of Banksy's latest offering at the Bristol museum. Staff say visitor numbers are far higher than normal with more than 300 passing through the doors in the first hour this morning.

The mural, "Mobile Lovers" is on display while an argument about its ownership is resolved. It was put up on a wall in Clement Street on Monday but was taken in by a nearby youth club. Donations for the club are being collected by the museum.


Museum officer: "It'd be useful if Banksy had his say..."

Banksy's latest work "Mobile Lovers" has been put on show at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery while the question of its ownership is resolved.

Our reporter Richard Payne talks to Ray Barnett, the Collections Manager, about the windfall. He says it would be useful if the Bristol street artist let people know what he thought about the controversy but in the meantime people can come to see it for free.

Banksy art goes on display at museum

Queues are expected as the latest work by Bristol artist Banksy goes on show, (at 10 am).

The mural, "Mobile Lovers" is at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery while questions about its ownership are resolved.

It went up on a wall in Clement Street but was taken in by a nearby youth club to keep it safe.

There will be a box for donations to the club beside the work.

Controversy surrounds who owns the Banksy piece Credit: ITV West

Banksy row continues as mural taken to museum

ITV News can reveal an investment bank has made a two million pound bid to buy the latest piece of Banksy street art, while the row over its ownership continues.

The offer was made today to the youth club which took the piece off a wall outside its Bristol premises.

But arguments still rage over whether the cash-strapped club has the right to sell it.

This afternoon it was put on show in the city's museum for safe keeping. Our Bristol Correspondent Richard Payne reports.

Banksy art will be on display from 10am tomorrow


1/3The #banksy mobile lovers is here and our conservators and technicians are working hard to prepare it for display.


2/3 once we have cleaned the spiders, wasp nest and dirt off the work you'll be able to see it from 10am tomorrow


3/3 There will be a collection box for Broad Plains Youth Club next to the work.


Bristol's Mayor clarifies Banksy mural move

The Mayor of Bristol is hopeful that Banksy's Mobile Lovers piece will be on display at the city's museum over the Easter weekend.

In a statement, George Ferguson said:

“I’m delighted pleased that Dennis, who is a good man, has made a tough judgement call and has turned over the artwork to us, via the police.

'Mobile Lovers' has been taken to Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Credit: ITV News West Country

"No-one’s the bad guy here; we simply need to buy time to establish where ownership lies, what Banksy’s intentions might be, if we were to get some signals, and how best we can move forward.

“I have established with our legal and museum services that we can move ahead on this basis so that, hopefully, it will be on show for people to enjoy at the City Museum and Art Gallery over the Easter weekend. It certainly would have been a cultural crime if this artwork had been lost to the city.

“I’m also asking if Banksy could provide a limited-edition print which could be sold in aid of the club.

"In the meantime we shall be working with a local publisher to produce postcards and prints for sale in aid of Broad Plain Boys' Club. And I have asked for a collection box at the museum for them. This hopefully will represent a win-win for everyone.”

Bristol Banksy mural taken to city's museum

The Bristol Banksy saga has taken a new twist.

The Mobile Lovers mural, which was removed from a wooden gate on Clement Street and taken inside the nearby Broad Plain Boys' Club on Tuesday, was taken overnight to the city's museum.

Bristol's Mayor, George Ferguson, says the gate on Clement Street is council property. The mural will remain at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery until the dispute over its legal ownership is resolved.

'Mobile Lovers' has been taken to Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Credit: ITV News West Country / Martha Holeyman

Dennis Stinchcombe, 58, leader of the youth project, was hoping to raise thousands of pounds by selling the piece - providing vital funds to help it remain open. The mural had been on display inside the club, with visitors asked to make a donation.

But this decision has angered many people, who say the street art should have been left in its original location. Mr Stinchcombe even received death threats over the issue.

Police officers at Broad Plain Boys' Club on Wednesday. Credit: ITV News West Country

A police officer and a PCSO visited the centre yesterday and advised the youth club to seek legal advice before selling the piece.

The Banksy mural has been removed from Broad Plain Boys' Club. Credit: ITV News West Country

Banksy's new mural on display inside youth centre

The owners of a boys club in Bristol have been told to take legal advice if they want to sell a piece of graffiti by artist Banksy which appeared on a wall outside the centre.

Staff have now removed the mural and taken it inside the club. It's angered some people who say it's public art, but Dennis Stinchcombe from the club says it could raise enough money to save it from closure:

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