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New head appointed at troubled school in Bath

Kim Sparling resigned following criticism
Kim Sparling resigned following criticism

A school in Bath have appointed a new head following the resignation of Kim Sparling, who faced much criticism over the way she ran the school.

Oldfield school have confirmed that Matthew Woodville, who has been in the role of acting headteacher, will take over the job permanently.

Matthew Woodville has been given the headteacher job permanently
Matthew Woodville has been given the headteacher job permanently

Bath Street sealed off following sexual assault

Swallow Street, Bath
Swallow Street, Bath Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

Avon and Somerset Police are investigating after an alleged sexual assault on a 17-year-old girl.

The incident happened around 2am this morning on Swallow Street in Bath. The street has been closed at both ends but may not be closed all day. An investigation into the alleged assault is underway.

Officer are following a number of inquiries to identify a man they wish to speak to and are also reviewing CCTV footage from the area.

It is not thought the man or the girl knew each other.

: "The victim is being offered full support and is due to attend our Serious Sexual Assault Referral Centre."

– Avon & Somerset Police Spokesman


Homeless man locked in public loo

A toilet block in Bath
A homeless man was locked inside the disused toilet in Weston Credit: ITV News West Country

A homeless man was trapped in a public loo in Bath for 24 hours because the local council had closed it for good without checking if it was empty.

It is thought the man had entered the toilets last Sunday looking for somewhere dry to sleep. He was discovered on Tuesday morning after a passerby heard him calling for help.

It appears that maintenance staff from a private contractor locked the doors on Monday morning.

“We apologise unreservedly to the man in question, who is fortunately unharmed by this incident. We have now taken action with our contractors to ensure that they follow procedure so that this cannot happen again.”

– Bath & North East Somerset Council

“Healthmatic’s cleaning and maintenance staff did the final locking up of the toilets on Monday. They knocked on the door as a check and no response was received. It was not opened and visually checked – this should have been done as correct procedure. All the disabled toilets have an emergency alarm – it seems that when the man awoke on Tuesday morning, he sounded the alarm via a pull cord in the toilet and he also banged on the door; this was heard by a passing member of the public who alerted the police, who in turn called Healthmatic. A Healthmatic supervisor was on site within 5- 10 minutes of the call; they offered to take the man to the RUH or a doctors’ surgery for a check-up, which he declined. He was offered food which he accepted and walked away unharmed. The man said that he was happy with the outcome to the Healthmatic staff and police.”

– Healthmatic

7,000 refunded after traffic scheme in Bath

More than seven thousand motorists who were fined in a controversial traffic scheme in Bath have had their money back.

The Dorchester Street bus gate was set up earlier this year to ease congestion, but drivers kept missing the signs. At one point fines were being issued at a rate of one a minute. Bath and North East Somerset Council scrapped the scheme and is returning a total of 2 hundred and 22 thousand pounds.

£220,000 in fines returned to Bath motorists

Controversial Bath bus gate has resulted in the refund of £220,000 of fines

Motorists in Bath and North East Somerset who were fined in a controversial traffic scheme have been refunded £220,000 from the council. The Dorchester Street bus gate was scrapped, after cameras fined one person per minute towards the end of March.


Police divers find suspected WWII bomb in Bath

Divers have found what may be an unexploded bomb on the bed of the River Avon in Bath.

The mystery object was spotted in the river by Environment Agency workers who had been scanning the riverbed near Argos, by the junction of Upper Bristol Road and Midland Road.

Photos are being taken of the object by police divers. The bomb squad will then examine the images to decide if they are a bomb and act accordingly.

Avon and Somerset police officers are assisting at the scene.

No roads have been closed while the investigation takes place

Right-to-die campaigner welcomes Carey's backing

The widow of a man who campaigned for the right to assisted dying has welcomed a change of heart by the former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey.

Jane Nicklinson from Melksham, who's husband Tony was paralysed, says she's delighted the former Bishop of Bath and Wells has changed his mind, and believes others in the church will now speak out in support of assisted dying.

David Woodland reports:

Case of Tony Nicklinson changed Lord Carey's mind

Tony Nicklinson was paralysed in 2005 after suffering a stroke. Credit: PA

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has said he changed his views on assisted dying after being inspired by the case of a locked-in syndrome sufferer from Wiltshire.

Tony Nicklinson from Melksham battled for seven years to have the right to end his own life but it was refused and he died naturally aged 58 in 2012.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Lord Carey said: "It was the case of Tony Nicklinson that exerted the deepest influence on me,"

"Here was a dignified man making a simple appeal for mercy, begging that the law allow him to die in peace, supported by his family.

"His distress made me question my motives in previous debates. Had I been putting doctrine before compassion, dogma before human dignity?"

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