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Rare dove born at Bristol Zoo

The bleeding-heart dove chick born at Bristol Zoo is a sign of hope for the threatened species Credit: Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo has welcomed the birth of a rare chick.

The Mindanao bleeding-heart dove is native to the Philippines. It is one of many species in the area threatened by the loss of 95% of the country's forests.

Bristol Zoological Society has been working on the islands for two years to stop the decline. It aims to make local people aware of the value of conserving the species and their habitats.

Peregrine falcons nest in Church

A pair of peregrine falcons nesting on the spire of a church in the centre of Bath have produced four eggs.

The birds have been breeding at St John's Roman Catholic Church in South Parade for nine years and have become an attraction.

The eggs aren't due to hatch until May.

Peregrine falcons nest in Church Credit: Hawk and Owl Trust

You can watch their progress on a live webcam here.