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"I couldn't have left Monaco without Michael"

Michael Graydon's body has been brought back to Bristol, and his family say they can be at peace, knowing that Michael is home.

The Bristol boxing promoter fell to his death in Monaco, and his body was found two weeks later.

His family say they've been overwhelmed by the support they've received.

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Michael Graydon's family speak exclusively to ITV after his body returns home

The family of a Bristol boxing promoter who fell to his death in Monaco say they've found comfort now his body is back home.

Michael Graydon's body was found down a ten foot hole two weeks after he the 29-year-old was reported missing. He died from head injuries. His family say they're now on their way to finding closure.


Michael Graydon's body flown back to Britain

Family and friends of a Bristol boxing promoter who fell to his death in Monaco are to welcome his body back home.

Michael Graydon flew to Monaco last month to watch a £500 a ticket boxing match.

But when he failed to turn up or catch his flight home, his family flew to Monaco to look for him themselves.

Michael Graydon, pictured with his son Reuben Credit: Family

The boxing promoter, who as an 18 month old son, was last seen leaving a nightclub on CCTV but then appeared to vanish.

After a two week search involving divers and a sniffer dog, police discovered his body in a ravine. A post mortem revealed he died instantly from head injuries. His family believe the boxing promoter fell to his death after jumping over a wall.

Michael Graydon disappeared in Monacco Credit: Lydia Ball

This morning Michael Graydon's body arrived at Heathrow Airport where it will be transported to a funeral directors in Bristol.

Twenty members of his family and friends will gather outside the funeral home to welcome Michael Graydon back to Bristol.

His funeral is due to take place at Bristol Cathedral.

Bristol's top boxer to fight for world title

Bristol boxer Lee Haskins has finally been nominated to box for the IBF Interim World bantamweight title Credit: Nick Potts/PA

Bristol's top boxer will finally fight for a world title after he was nominated to box for the IBF Interim World bantamweight title.

Lee Haskins has been ordered to meet Japan's Ryosuke Iwasa after reigning IBF champion Randy Caballero is unable to defend his title due to injury.

The match between the two highest ranked fighters in the IBF bantamweight ratings is expected to be staged in June or July this year.

Haskins recently won the European title for the second time in his career and, at 33 years of age, is desperate for a shot at a version of the world title.

He would prefer to meet Iwasa in the UK, but has expressed a willingness to travel to Japan if needs be.

The IBF cannot have a situation where they have to wait indefinitely for Caballero to get fit again. In this situation, they take the highest ranked boxers and get them to contest what they call the 'Interim' title.

Our man Lee Haskins and Iwasa are the highest ranked bantamweights and they have been ordered to contest the title. The winner of that fight will either defend against Caballero, or if he decides to go another route, they will keep the title and become the outright champion.

– Jamie Sanigar, promoter

Post Mortem reveals Michael Graydon's death was accidental

Michael Graydon, pictured with his son Reuben Credit: Family

A post mortem examination has revealed that the death of Bristol boxing promotor Michael Graydon was accidental.

The 29-year-old went missing in Monaco last month. His body was found in a ravine two weeks later. It's thought he died from head injuries and that his death would have been instantaneous.

His funeral will be held at Bristol Cathedral.

Family: 'we can now bring Michael home to rest'

Michael Graydon, pictured with his son Reuben Credit: Family

The family of Michael Graydon have issued a statement following the discovery of his body in Monaco yesterday.

The 29 year old boxing promotor from Bristol disappeared two weeks ago. He was last seen leaving La Racasse nightclub in the early hours of February 21, and his final movements were caught on CCTV at a nearby church.

His body was discovered yesterday, after sniffer dogs led search teams to a ravine.

It is with sadness that we can confirm that Michael our brother, friend, cousin, son, uncle and Dad has been found in a deep ravine, in Monaco in
the area where he was last seen.

The sniffer dog that traced his last steps on Thursday 5 March, led the investigators to the hole. This prompted the Fire Brigade to extend their search that was carried out on Friday 6 March.

We as a family can take solace in the fact that Michael did not suffer and he died instantly in his fall.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Riveria Marriott Hotel La Porte de Monaco, for their compassion and endless support the last two weeks.

Also thank you to the Police and Government of Monaco for their persistence in Michael’s search and to the people of Monaco for their support and the La Rascasse Monaco for helping with enquires.

Also our reporter, Scott Ellis (BBC Points West) and Victoria Davies (ITV), who represented our family with such care and consideration.

Without the French Media, in particular Christophe Circone we would never achieved the attention we received in the media and raising awareness in Michael’s campaign.

It’s impossible for me to list all the people in Bristol and afar that used their skills to best as they possibly could and raise the awareness in the campaign to find Michael. It’s because of all of you, we found Michael and are able to bring him home to rest.

– Kelly-Jane Mann, Michael's sister


Police find boxing promoter Michael Graydon's body

Michael Graydon went missing two weeks ago. Credit: Lydia Ball

Boxing promoter Michael Graydon's family have told ITV News that Police in Monaco have found his body down a 'deep hole'.

Yesterday sniffer dogs tracked Michael Graydon's scent from La Rascasse nightclub to a church where he was last seen on CCTV nearly two weeks ago.

This morning police and fire crews searched the area and his body was found down a deep hole.

Sniffer dogs lose scent at site where Michael was last seen

Police looking for a missing boxing promoter from Bristol say they don't believe he continued on foot after he was last seen on CCTV. Michael Graydon's luggage had been returned to Monaco to help with the search. Sniffer dogs lost his scent at a church where he was last seen nearly 2 weeks ago.

Sniffer dogs brought in to find Graydon

Police in Monaco have brought in sniffer dogs to help search for a missing boxing promoter from Bristol.

Michael Graydon from Stockwood was last seen running from a nightclub 12 days ago.

Since then His family have been searching for him in Monaco, France and Italy. They now believe he may have been kidnapped.

Boxers come together to raise money for missing Michael

Former World Champion Glenn Catley was there to lend his support Credit: ITV News

Boxers from around the UK were in Bristol at the weekend to raise funds to help find the boxing promoter Michael Graydon.

The 29-year-old went missing in Monaco where he'd gone to see a fight last Saturday, but he missed the event and his flight home.

Former World Champion Glenn Catley from Bristol was there to lend his support.

Boxers from around the UK were in Bristol at the weekend to raise funds Credit: ITV News
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