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The battle to protect Bradford on Avon from the floods

Flood defences have been put in place at Bull Pit in Bradford on Avon Credit: Environment Agency

The Environment Agency moved in last night to protect the Wiltshire town of Bradford on Avon against rising river levels. Work took place to install flood defences at Bull Pit ready for the high tide.

The River Avon threatening, but still short of the town bridge Credit: Bradford on Avon Bridge Watch

A picture Tweeted this morning shows the historic bridge still well clear of the rather high River Avon.


Three arrested following crash into historic Wiltshire bridge

Police have made three arrests following a burglary and subsequent damage to Bradford-on Avon's ancient Town Bridge.

In the early hours of 3 October, a burglary took place in Leigh Park Road and a Mercedes was stolen. This vehicle was later found crashed into the 14th century pack horse bridge, causing extensive damage to the Grade 1 Listed landmark.

Today, three men, aged 22, 26 and 35 all from the local area, have been arrested on suspicion of burglary and have been taken to Melksham custody.

Work to repair the bridge is aready underway Credit: ITV West Country

Officers from the community policing team have carried out a robust investigation in to this incident which was no doubt distressing for the victims.

Their hard work, combined with community intelligence, has today resulted in the arrest of three people on suspicion of burglary.

A number of electronic items stolen during the burglary have also been recovered. Our enquiries continue.

– Acting Inspector Louis McCoy, Wiltshire Police

Dramatic footage of electricity pole in flames

Trowbridge fire crews attended the pole which caught on fire on Saturday. Credit: Trowbridge Fire Station

Dramatic footage shows an electricity pole catching fire in the Bradford on Avon area.

Crews were called to Westwood Road on Saturday where Trowbridge firefighters found 33,000 volts somehow earthing to ground.

The station released these frightening pictures.

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There were concerns there may have been the possibility of power outages in the southern end of Bradford on Avon.

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Man dies in narrowboat fire

Crews were called to the Kennett and Avon canal in Bradford-on-Avon. Credit: Bing

A man has died in a fire on a narrowboat in Wiltshire.

Crews were called to the Kennett and Avon canal in Bradford-on-Avon where the boat was said to be well alight.

The cause of the fire is thought to be accidental.

Wiltshire schoolchildren create world's largest paper bag

The record-breaking bag is 73ft-long, 50ft-wide and 11ft-deep. Credit: PaperBagCo

A group of Wiltshire schoolchildren has helped to break the record for the world's largest paper bag.

The pupils at Fitzmaurice Primary School, Bradford-on-Avon used almost a mile of brown paper, a mile of paper string and three miles of paper tape, helping Jon Marling at Paper Bag Co to create the 73ft-long, 50ft-wide bag.

The previous record for the largest shopping bag was 60ft-long and made in Gujarat, India in January 2014.

"Being involved in a world record on the school grounds will have forged some life-long memories for the children.

"For the week around the record attempt we discussed world records with the pupils in depth.

"The children painted pictures on the bag of a world record that has been achieved or one they would like to achieve one day."

– Headteacher Tracey Dunn

Teachers have now submitted evidence of the achievement to Guinness World Records, and expect the record to be confirmed next week. Taking on the record was an attempt to promote using bags made from recyclable materials - the 5p levy on plastic bags is to be introduced next month.

The paper used in making the record-breaking bag will be made into smaller souvenir bags for the children to take home.

Jury returns verdict of accidental death in cow trampling death

A coroner has urged people to be more aware of the risks of cattle while walking in the countryside after hearing the case of a rambler who was trampled to death.

Mike Porter was walking with his brother through fields near Bradford-on-Avon when they were set upon.

There were calves in the field, and the men were walking with dogs. It emerged the cattle were an unpredictable, European breed.

The coroner has sent reports to the Health and Safety Executive, the Ramblers Association and the NFU. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Our Wiltshire Correspondent Robert Murphy reports.

Inquest Day 1: What was heard

Mike Porter, a retired university lecturer, lost his life while visiting his brother John, who lives near Bath.

An inquest at Salisbury Coroner's Court heard how the pair went for a short walk in the countryside with their dogs. They noticed the cattle before and waited for the animals to move away from the pathway.

But, the inquest was told, when they went in the cattle began "milling around" the brothers, knocking them to the ground. Despite getting up they were knocked to the floor again.

The brother's escaped to another field but Mr Porter suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene.

David Billington, who lives nearby, told the court that he was also attacked by cows in a neighbouring field in October 2011. There were two more attacks, one in each field in the years proceeding Mr Porter's death.

The farmers admitted that the breed, Cross Limousin Friesians, were more excitable than some others.

Brian Godwin, the land owner, told the coroner he had thought he had done everything he needed to do to prevent anymore incidents. The farmer has now sold the herd and has replaced them with British cattle.

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