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Brian May to visit Somerset to protest against badger cull

Brian May will visit Somerset today Credit: ITV News

One of leading opponents of the badger cull is in Somerset today.

Brian May has campaigned extensively against the cull and he'll be visiting Camp Badger, which has been set up by anti-cull protestors near Williton in Somerset. West Somerset is one of the locations for the cull.

Brian May visits Gloucestershire to protest against badger culls

Brian May visits Gloucestershire Credit: Tim Ireland/PA

Brian May is visiting Gloucestershire today to protest against the pilot badger culls.

The Queen guitarist - who has long spoken out against the culls - will also travel to Somerset tomorrow to meet with protesters there.

Brian May to meet badger cull protesters

Brian May will meet anti-cull protesters in Gloucestershire later Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

The singer Brian May, one of the leading opponents of the badger cull, is due to meet protesters in Gloucestershire later.

The trial cull, aimed at controlling the spread of TB in cattle, is underway in Somerset and is widely believed to have started in West Gloucestershire. Mr May will also meet people living near the cull zone to discuss their views on the operation.


Brian May to address Taunton badger cull meeting

Brian May in Bristol protesting against the badger cull, 2012. Credit: PA

The Queen guitarist Brian May will address a public meeting in Taunton tonight about the planned badger cull in Gloucestershire and Somerset. The cull - an attempt to stop badgers passing TB to cattle - is due to start in two months' time.

Brian May has been one of the cull's most prominent opponents. He has created an e-petition urging the government to abandon it.

Badger protest to be held in Taunton today

TeamBadger is holding a protest in Taunton town centre today. Its members are campaigning against the hugely controversial badger cull planned in Somerset and Gloucestershire this summer - an attempt to stop badgers passing TB to cattle.

The protestors will be handing out leaflets and encouraging the public to sign a government petition against the cull, created by the Queen guitarist Brian May.

Commons to debate badger cull

In the last hour it has emerged that a debate will take place in the House of Commons next week to discuss the impending badger cull.

It comes as hundreds of people are gathering at Dunster in West Somerset tonight for a big protest against the cull, which is expected to start in the next few days.

The full 6 hour debate will take place on Thursday 25th October after a petition exceeding 100,000 signatures was gathered by Queen guitarist Brian May.

Experts urge Government to reconsider cull

More than 30 leading animal disease experts have urged the Government to reconsider culling badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire. In a letter to the Observer newspaper they say the pilot culls risk increasing the spread of TB in cattle rather than reducing it.

Supporters of the cull say killing the animals is the best way to tackle the disease in the absence of effective vaccines.

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