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Experts urge Government to reconsider cull

More than 30 leading animal disease experts have urged the Government to reconsider culling badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire. In a letter to the Observer newspaper they say the pilot culls risk increasing the spread of TB in cattle rather than reducing it.

Supporters of the cull say killing the animals is the best way to tackle the disease in the absence of effective vaccines.


Posters warn people to stay indoors during badger cull

Posters warning residents to stay indoors during a badger cull because of the dangers of stray bullets have been branded as scaremongering.

They've been put up in villages near where a pilot badger cull will take place in Gloucestershire.

They warn people to keep their children and pets indoors when the cull starts.

Ken Goodwin reports:


MP Warns Celebrities Over Badger Cull

An MP has warned celebrities who've protested against the badger cull in West Somerset and Gloucestershire to be aware of the possible impact on the farming community.

Totnes Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston says support from famous people could lead to attacks on farmers. The musician Brian May is one of those fighting the trial badger cull which is due to start this autumn.

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