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Stranded passengers due to fly home to Bristol

Wreckage from the crashed airliner that sparked the emergency Credit: PA

Airline passengers from the West Country stranded in Sharm el-Sheikh following the Russian airliner crash are due to fly in to Bristol this evening.

Thomson flight TOM 717 is due to arrive at 2205 hours this evening.

Those flying won't be able to take hold luggage with them but the Government will arrange for this to be returned separately.

Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh remain cancelled up to and including 25 November.

You can see a full statement from Thomson here.


Thomson extends cancellation of flights to Sharm

Thomson extends cancellation of flights to Sharm Credit: ITV News

Thomson Airways have extended their decision to cancel all flights to Sharm el Sheikh up to and including Wednesday 25th November 2015. They are offering customers booked to travel to Sharm in this period a full refund or they can amend to any holiday currently on sale.

Customers travelling to Sharm el Sheikh up to and including 10th December 2015 will be able to amend their booking free of charge to any holiday taken by the end of April 2016.

You can find out more information here

Thousands still stranded in Egypt as those back home wait for luggage

Passengers were cheered as they landed in Bristol on Saturday. Credit: ITV West Country

Passengers from the West who arrived back from Sharm el-Sheikh at the weekend face a lengthy wait to get their luggage back

A flight landed at Bristol airport on Saturday evening, bringing back holidaymakers who were due to fly home several days earlier.

Holidaymakers were only allowed to bring back hand luggage because of restrictions, and it's not known when they will get their other belongings.

Thousands of Britons remain stranded at the Egyptian resort, despite several flights to the UK over the weekend. The latest intelligence suggests a Russian plane which crashed last week after leaving Sharm was brought down by a bomb.

Credit: ITV West Country

Passengers cheered as flight from Sharm el-Sheikh landed in Bristol

Many West holiday makers stranded in Sharm el Shiek are still waiting to get home and the Government says they may have to wait several days yet.

But there was relief for others from our region last night as they managed to board a Thomson flight to Bristol airport.


People arrive back to Bristol from Sharm el-Sheikh

A Thomson Airways flight landed at Bristol Airport carrying passengers from Sharm el-Sheikh.

Many of those who arrived were due to come back to the UK on Thursday (Nov 5) but were delayed due to flight restrictions imposed by government.

Last weekend (Oct 31) a Russian passenger plane flew out of Sharm el-Sheikh and crashed killing all those on board.

A specific piece of 'signals intelligence' - such as eavesdropped conversation - picked up at the GCHQ listening station convinced Prime Minister David Cameron that the plane which crashed in Egypt was brought down by a bomb.

Flight from Sharm el-Sheikh to arrive in Bristol

An empty runway at Sharm el-Sheikh airport in Egypt Credit: PA: Benno Schwinghammer

Thomson Airways have confirmed a flight from Sharm el-Sheikh will arrive in Bristol later today.

Thousands of holiday makers have been stranded at the resort after flights from Sharm el-Sheikh to the UK were initially suspended on Wednesday.

Downing Street revealed an "explosive device" may have caused a Russian plane to crash, killing 224 people on board, after it left Sharm el-Sheikh earlier in the week.

A flight is due to land at Bristol airport around 19:20 this evening (Oct 7).

We continue to work with the U.K. Government to try and finalise our flying programme for the following days and we will update accordingly when further information becomes available.

These flights will operate under special security measures mandated by the UK Government. Customers will not be able to bring any hold luggage with them on these flights. Only hand luggage can be brought on board and normal Thomson cabin baggage restrictions apply.

All hold luggage will be returned to customers under separate secure cover arranged by the UK Government.

– Thomson Airways

Tourists still stranded: first flight from Sharm el-Sheikh to Bristol cancelled

Stranded tourists. Credit: ITN

The first flight to Bristol bringing stranded tourists back from Sharm el-Sheikh has been cancelled.

Thomson Airways says last-minute restrictions from the Egyptian government mean it can only operate two flights a day, and tonight's planned Bristol arrival will not be one of them.

Passengers are being put up in hotels, and flights planned for the weekend may or may not go ahead.

Thomson is advising passengers to customers to keep an eye on noticeboards in hotels or check online for the latest information. There's also a 24-hr helpline on +44 3333 365147 or 82345 (text).

Those travelling will not be able to bring their suitcases; only hand luggage is allowed.

The government suspended air links between the UK and Egypt because of a Metrojet plane which crashed just after taking off from Sharm el-Sheikh last week, killing everyone on board. Latest intelligence suggests the crash could have been caused by a bomb on board.

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