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Parents claim cover-up over baby's death at Bristol Children's Hospital

The parents of a baby boy who died at just 8 weeks old say health bosses lied to them and then tried to cover up failings in his care.

Ben Condon from Weston-Super-Mare was admitted to Bristol Children's Hospital with a lung condition. Doctors failed to give him antibiotics which may have saved his life.

And to make matters worse, managers were recorded admitting that mistakes had been made, but then when they realised they were still being recorded - they tried to delete the evidence.

Rebecca Broxton reports.


Couple fulfil their son's dying wish by getting married

Jemma and Craig Edwards made history by marrying at their dying son's hospital bedside Credit: Bristol City Council

The parents of a five-year-old boy have fulfilled his dying wish by getting married at his bedside at Bristol Children's Hospital.

Corey Edwards passed away last night, but not before seeing his mum and dad make history.

Corey had always wanted his parents, Jemma and Craig, to get married and last week they made history by becoming the first couple to tie the knot in Bristol Children’s Hospital - at their son’s bedside.

Corey Edwards was being treated on the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children after being admitted in January.

Five-year-old Corey Edwards died last night after a long battle with his heart condition Credit: Bristol City Council

Diagnosed with a complex congenital heart defect at the age of seven months old, Corey underwent eight open-heart surgeries and other treatment.

The couple from Teignmouth in Devon were engaged for three years but their plans to marry were put on hold due to the birth of their two younger daughters Isabelle (2) and Caitlyn (24 weeks) and Corey’s ill health.

When they learnt of their son’s wish, they felt they had to act. With the help of staff, and friends made at the hospital, plans were put in place to help the couple marry at Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Jemma and Craig Edwards sign the register at Bristol Children's Hospital Credit: University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust

When we knew Corey’s wishes, everyone on PICU and Ward 32, including staff and friends, got together to help us.

The Bishop of Bristol had to write to the Archbishop of Canterbury to get special permission for us to marry in the hospital and we are so grateful he agreed. When we got the go ahead, we only had a matter of days to plan. We rushed into town to buy a dress and suit and made do with our engagement rings as wedding rings.

We couldn’t believe the generosity of all those involved. One nurse helped to do Jemma’s hair, whilst another two members of staff made the cake and iced it. Chairs were pulled together to form an aisle and decorations were put up to make it feel like a wedding venue.

We were married on Saturday 4 April by the hospital’s chaplain, Graham Reaper-Brown, who was very excited to be sharing this occasion with us. However, the most important thing for us was having our son Corey at our side, holding the rings and wearing his suit. We couldn’t have been more proud of him. We were also incredibly lucky to have our daughters there and the support of so many.

– Jemma and Craig Edwards
The marriage ceremony took place in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit Credit: University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust

The newlyweds spent their wedding night at their son’s bedside and later returned to the Ronald McDonald House where they have been staying whilst Corey was in hospital.

Despite Corey's death, Craig and Jemma want everyone to know their story and how very special their little boy was.

Parents of Abigail criticise hospital

The parents of a baby girl who died after heart surgery have criticised the hospital for not being upfront enough about the dangers their daughter faced.

Five month old Abigail Treloar was born with a complicated heart condition. Today an inquest heard she died from natural causes, and the coroner recorded a narrative verdict.

Bristol Children's hospital says it would like to "repeat its condolences to Abigail Treloar's family."

Our Health Correspondent Katie Rowlett reports.

Mother of baby who died at Bristol Children's Hospital demands answers

Abigail Treloar died after heart surgery at the hospital.

A mother whose baby girl died after heart surgery at Bristol Children's hospital says she has many questions ahead of her daughter's inquest tomorrow.

Five-month-old Abigail Treloar from Stockwood in Bristol died last June after an operation on her heart. This will be the tenth inquest into children's cardiac deaths at the hospital.

Sharon Treloar, Abigail's mother, told Katie Rowlett about her frustration at still not knowing why her baby died.

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