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Setback for Bristol Arena after planning application deferred

An artist impression of the arena at night. Credit: Bristol City Council

Plans for the long-awaited 12,000 capacity arena in Bristol have been delayed after councillors voted to defer their decision over planning permission.

Councillors wanted more detail about how 12,000 people would travel to and from the venue. Credit: Bristol City Council

Councillors said they felt the plans had been brought before them without the details being ironed out - concerns had already been raised about parking issues and space for drop-offs.

The move is likely to push back the opening date - originally set for 2018.

The planning application will now return to the committee at a later date.


Bristol's 'ludicrous' speed limits must be debated by council

Credit: ITV News

Bristol City Council will have to debate its 20 mph speed limits - after more than 5,000 people signed a petition describing them as "stupid" and "ludicrous".

It argues that the limits make the roads more dangerous due to frustrated drivers watching the speedometer rather than where they are going.

"No driver objects to a 20mph limit near a school for example but a blanket roll out is totally absurd ... 30mph has been in place for many many years, and is the national speed limit because it is ample control in urban areas except for specific spots. Restore common sense and reverse this stupid waste of money."

– Online petition against Bristol speed limits

The council has said that the rules make the city safer and are supported by many Bristolians.

Man injured after seagull attack in Bristol

There have been several reports of seagull attacks in our region in recent weeks. Credit: Craig Watson/PA

The growing problem of seagulls in our city centres has again been highlighted after a man was badly injured by a gull and ended up in hospital.

Allan Plaister was dive-bombed by the bird, who managed to knock him off his bike while he was cycling in the centre of Bristol. He's now on crutches, but says it could have been worse had he fallen into passing traffic.

Bristol City Council has set aside £200,000 to look at ways of tackling the problem the city's gull problem, and the Prime Minister has spoken about the issue, in the wake of several gull attacks on pets and people in recent weeks.

Bob Constantine has more.

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