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Labour council leader quits over 'flawed' cabinet decision

Announcing his resignation, the leader of the Labour party in Bristol, Peter Hammond said:

Earlier today (Sunday) the Labour Party announced that they were not prepared to endorse a proposal from Bristol’s Labour councillors to take up the offer of three seats (out of six) in George Ferguson’s cabinet. As a loyal member of the Labour Party I must and will abide by that decision however flawed I think it is.

– Peter Hammond, Former leader Bristol Labour Party

The announcement came after the Labour party rejected the offer from George Ferguson of seats in his new council cabinet. A decision that left Bristol's new Mayor 'bemused'.

Mr Ferguson was elected as an Independent earlier this month and hopes to put together an all-party coalition. He says he will leave the seats empty for a week to see if Labour Officials change their minds.

Labour's council leader resigns over cabinet decision

Labour's council leader Peter Hammond has resigned over the party's decision not to join George Ferguson's all-party coalition cabinet.

In all conscience I cannot publicly support a decision that runs contrary to the advice I gave to Labour councillors which they accepted by a majority decision as they are entitled to do

– Peter Hammond, Former leader Bristol Labour Party


Mayor 'bemused' at Labour refusal

New Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson Credit: ITV West

The Mayor of Bristol says he's bemused after the Labour party rejected his offer of seats in his new council cabinet. George Ferguson was elected as an independent and hopes to put together an all-party coalition.

He's leaving four seats empty for a week to see if Labour officials change their minds.

Bristol South MP says Labour party decision 'entirely correct'

I believe this decision is entirely correct. Disappointing as it was, Labour did not win the election on the 15th November. The people of Bristol will expect the Mayor to be able to get on with his job and be accountable for his decisions.

Cross-party working with The Mayor, as important as that will be, is not dependent on holding Cabinet places."

– Dawn Primarolo, Labour MP for Bristol South

Labour decline offer to be part of Bristol Mayor's Cabinet

The Labour party has turned down the offer of Cabinet places from the recently elected Independent Bristol Mayor.

After further careful consideration and after listening to a wide range of views across Bristol, and the wider Labour Party, we have decided not to enter the cabinet.

We will support the Mayor when we agree with his decisions, and we want to be free to offer constructive alternatives when we believe a better solution is available.

We will continue as a Labour Party to work with the local communities we represent, and to do our best for the people of Bristol."

– South West Labour Party spokesperson


Helen Holland turns down Deputy Bristol Mayor role

The former leader of Bristol City Council has turned down an offer to become Deputy Bristol Mayor. George Ferguson said on twitter it was because of 'family reasons' and he wished the Labour councillor his 'very best'.


I'd v friendly discussion with Helen Holland. Good family reasons why Deputy #BristolMayor would be difficult. She has my very best wishes.

New elected mayor salary decision deferred

Councillors have put off a decision on how much to pay Bristol's new mayor. Credit: ITV West

Councillors in Bristol have put off a decision on how much to pay the city's new elected mayor. It follows the referendum which decided to set up the post.

An independent panel suggested a salary of £65,000 - similar to an MP - but Liberal Democrats and the Greens say it should be pegged at £40,000, which is what the council leader currently gets.

They will now decide once the Mayor is elected in November.

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