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Traffic chaos in Bristol as taxi drivers protest at Temple Meads

Commuters in Bristol are being reminded about a protest by taxi drivers taking place around Bristol Temple Meads this morning.

The protests are the latest in a series of demonstrations against changes at Temple Meads station.

Taxi drivers are angry that the number of taxi bays have been cut from 46 to 30, and drivers who can't find a space are moved on.

As part of the demonstrations, drivers have been refusing to pick up passengers, causing long delays in the area surrounding the station.

This was the situation on the A4 Bath Road this morning:

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Credit: ITV West Country

Some commuters tweeted their frustration at the delay.

Meanwhile at Temple Meads...

Taxi driver Patrick Masih caught this footage of the traffic near Bristol Temple Meads station this morning.


No trains between Bath and Bristol after a power cut

Credit: ITV West Country

Trains aren't currently able to run between Bath Spa and Bristol Temple Meads after a power cut.

Trains will be diverted if possible but passengers from Swindon or Westbury to Bristol Temple Meads are advised not to travel if it's not urgent.

Tickets are being accepted on First Buses and CrossCountry services.

Vandals cancel train service as they graffiti carriage

A group of vandals caused havoc when they attempted to board a train then spray painted the side of the carriage.

A group of up to 20 young people attempted to board the 5.14am Bristol Temple Meads to Severn Beach service on Monday, but were too late.

Several members tried to stop the train doors from closing and were then verbally abusive to staff who attempted to reason with them.

Other individuals then spray painted the side of the carriage - covering the windows and panels in silver and pink paint.

The service was cancelled, and all passengers were asked to alight from the train.

While no one was injured during the incident, train staff were understandably left very intimidated and upset.

This was a very irresponsible act of vandalism that caused a lot of distress among the public and staff who were travelling on the train.

We are currently investigating and would like to speak to anyone with any information that may assist.

– British Transport Police
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