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Lecturers union Branch President explains strike

Thousands of University students have had their classes disrupted today because of strike action by lecturers and other staff.

Members of three unions walked out in protest at a one per cent staff pay offer. At The University of Bristol more than two hundred members from Unite, UNISON and The University College Union took to the picket line. Katie Rowlett spoke to Professor James Annett, the Branch President of the UCU.

Hope for high blood pressure sufferers

Scientists at the University of Bristol think they could have made a breakthrough in the treatment of high blood pressure.

It's a problem that affects more than a third of the population and leaves many facing a lifetime of tablets. But now it seems that some nerves in your neck might hold the key to solving the problem. John Bevir reports.


Antarctic mission called off: full report

Scientists from Bristol University attempting to drill beneath Antarctica in a search for undiscovered life, have called off their mission.

They were trying to drill through 3 kilometres of ice to reach the water and mud underneath Lake Ellsworth.

But late on Christmas Eve the decision was taken to stop. Adam Grierson reports:

Professor: Ice mission cancellation 'hugely frustrating'

Professor Martin Siegert said the aborted mission was "hugely frustrating":

This is of course, hugely frustrating for us, but we have learned a lot this year._

Although circumstances have not worked out as we would have wished, I am confident that through the huge efforts of the field team, and our colleagues in the UK, we have done as much as we possibly could have done, and I sincerely thank them all._


Antarctic lake drilling mission called off

A team of Bristol scientists has called off its mission to drill deep into an Antarctic ice sheet in the hope of finding life in an ancient lake.

Drilling was proceeding well during the weekend after a replacement part was fitted to the boiler used to heat water for drilling.

Drilling stopped after the team was unable to form properly the water-filled cavity 300 metres beneath the ice.

This cavity was to link the main borehole with a secondary borehole used to recirculate drilling water back to the surface.



24 hours to drill through 3km of ice in -25 C

The drilling has begun today - and the team have just 24 hours to gather samples before the borehole refreezes. And all in -25 C. Tanya Mercer's report contains video from Pete Bucktrout British Antarctic Survey

Scientists from Bristol University are in Antarctica on a mission that could hold the clue to whether there's life on Mars. They're drilling through 3km of solid ice to try to find lifeforms in the water and mud underneath Lake Ellsworth.

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