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Baby pygmy hippo born at Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo has unveiled its latest arrival - a baby pygmy hippo. Winnie is three weeks old and never far away from her mother Sirana, who is very protective of her.

Winnie's birth is a big success for the zoo's captive breeding programme - it's thought less than 2,000 of the animals survive in the wild.

Winnie, the baby pygmy hippo was born at Bristol Zoo. Credit: Bob Pitchford

Zoo census gets under way

Counting the animals at Bristol Zoo Credit: ITV News West Country

Keepers at Bristol Zoo start their annual stock take today as they count the number of animals at the zoo in Clifton. Detailed records are kept of every animal birth, death, arrival and departure. The annual headcount is completed each January as a requirement of zoo licensing.


Baby armadillos emerge at Bristol Zoo

Pictures of two baby armadillos have been released by Bristol Zoo Gardens.

The youngsters have spent most of their life huddled up in a nest box but at two months old, they are starting to emerge and root for food.

baby armadillo Credit: Bob Pitchford

The pair are six-banded armadillos, mainly found on open plains and closely related to sloths and anteaters.

baby armadillos Credit: Bob Pitchford

Bristol Zoo welcomes 19 'upside-down' jellyfish

Cassiopea - or 'upside-down' jellyfish Credit: Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo Gardens is now home to 19 upside-down jellyfish. The jellyfish - properly known as Cassiopea - get their name because their tentacles and mouth face upwards. As well as eating small plankton, they have algae living inside their bodies, providing them with energy through photosynthesis.

The jellyfish have arrived from ZSL London Zoo, Liverpool Aquarium and Bug House. Upside-down jellyfish predominantly live in the Caribbean but can also be found in shallow waters in warmer areas of the world.

Upside-down jellyfish depend on mangrove forests and shallow lagoons, making them more vulnerable than open-ocean jelly species. These habitats are one of the world’s most threatened ecosystems due to coastal development and pollution.


Wildlife park development underway

Bristol Zoo will open the first part of its new wildlife park this summer.

The ambitious project will be called Wild Place and people will be able to walk around a recreation of a Madagascan village and African savannah, complete with a variety of animals.

This is only the first stage in a much larger project to develop the full 136 acre site close to Cribbs Causeway in South Gloucestershire.

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