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Hoare's stepfather "shocked" to hear from her after four years of no contact

The stepfather of Shauna Hoare has told the court that it had "been quite a while" since he had seen his stepdaughter when she rang to arrange to meet on 23 February.

Kevin Stone said "I was shocked," when questioned about the call, as neither he nor his wife had had any contact with Hoare for a number of years. He could not recall Hoare's exact age to the court when asked.

I was shocked

– Kevin Stone, Hoare's stepfather

The court heard that Stone provided Hoare with their address in Southmead, as she had never been to their current home.

After a gap of more than an hour, records show another phone call was made - lawyers suggest that this second phone call was from Matthews. The witness recounted how Matthews asked him to say they were all going out for a meal if anybody asked.

Mr Stone told the court about 30 minutes elapsed between the phone call and Hoare's arrival. Hoare rang once more to confirm the house number.

When asked about the visit, he said the couple seemed "alright".

Neither of them gave a reason for coming around on that day, and the witness told the court that they stayed "quite a while" - staying until 11pm or midnight.

The couple then left together - telling the witness they would come up again soon, possibly the next day.

The jury heard that Hoare and Matthews visited three times in quick succession over the next week, always leaving quite late.During these visits, the witness said Matthews Hoare both went out seperately - saying they had job interviews. Matthews was not gone very long, the court heard.

A fourth visit followed. The witness told the court that the couple stayed the night - he thinks on the Friday night. The following day, Mr Stone told how the police came to his door, where they arrested Hoare and Matthews.

The prosecution asked the witness if he had known about Becky Watts going missing. He said he had, but that he personally did not hear Matthews or Hoare speak about Becky.

Defence questioning

The defence pointed out that not all of the witness and his partner's children lived with the couple.

The witness was also questioned about a time in the past when Hoare was about 15 years old - and started seeing Matthews, who was then aged 22. The pair moved in together but neither Hoare's mother or stepfather visited the couple at their new address.

However, the court heard that Matthews would drive Hoare's mother - who has a disability - from place to place. An argument over this arrangement led to several years of estrangement, with - the prosecution said - "neither you nor Lisa [his wife] having any contact at all with Shauna or Nathan".

From that time, the witness did not see Hoare or Matthews for about four years.

When contact was re-established the couple were acting "normally". In court Mr Stone said he found Matthews "controlling" - telling Hoare not to smoke. He also noted that Hoare would "clam up" when Matthews joined conversations between himself and Hoare.

Bristol City secure Norwich City winger on loan

26 year-old Elliott Bennett will boost City's attacking options Credit: Adam Davy / PA

Bristol City have completed the loan signing of Norwich City wide man Elliott Bennett.

The 26 year-old will arrive on loan until January - bolstering City's attacking options.

Bennett's career took off when he led Brighton & Hove Albion to win League One in 2010/11. He's since moved to the Premier League when he joined Norwich City.

He'l join the squad at Ashton Gate for next Friday's math against Nottingham Forest.


Shaun the Sheep auction raises over £1 million

Globetrotter was sold for the most money at £28,000 Credit: Shaun in the City

120 Shaun in the City sculptures from the streets of Bristol and London raised more than a million pounds for charity at auction last night.

The sculpture which went for the most money was Globetrotter which sold for £28,000. The money will help sick children at Bristol Children's Hospital and across the country.

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Becky Watts trial: CCTV shows Matthews buying saw

Nathan Matthews in B&Q Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

CCTV has been shown in court of Nathan Matthews buying a circular saw in B&Q the day after Becky Watts' death.

A shop worker from the the store told the court she was able to remember the transaction because Matthews disputed the price of the circular saw. She called a colleague to confirm the price. After explaining, Matthews was allegedly heard to say that he needed the item that day and would buy it anyway.

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