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Thousands caught on speed cameras in just 6 weeks

Two speed cameras catch nearly 3,000 offenders Credit: PA: John Stillwell

Two cameras in Somerset have caught almost three thousand people speeding since they were switched back on in February.

Up to 29 cameras in the Avon and Somerset area were due to be reactivated since they were turned off in 2011.

So far only one in Saltford and one in Worle have been turned back on. The The two cameras detected 2,879 offences between the beginning of February and the end of March.

Police say they're disappointed some drivers continue to ignore speed limits.

We are disappointed that despite the high profile media campaign that the static cameras would be switched back on, some drivers have continued to ignore the relevant speed limits at these locations. We are very open in our stance - both in the media and supported by the fact that the sites are highly visible - that we would prefer drivers to slow down, drive safely and adhere to the law, resulting in no offenders being detected.

Static sites are one element of our approaches to keeping our roads safer. They are used in conjunction with voluntary groups who work with us in the form of Community SpeedWatch, Local Policing Teams, the Speed Enforcement Unit and specialist Road Policing Officers. By having a range of measures in place, it remains our commitment to target these resources in the most appropriate way to keep our roads as safe as possible and respond positively to areas of community concern.

We have always made it clear that this was a programme of reactivation and drivers must assume that the static cameras are active. It would be misleading to send the message to the public that only these two sites are active based on a Freedom of Information request which is based on a specific point in time. This can and will change on a daily basis.

I would reiterate that the cameras are owned by various local authorities and some by the police. The reactivation programme is actively ongoing and our message remains the same - that drivers should assume they are working, to drive responsibly and within the law

– Richard Corrigan, Road Safety Lead


Over 200,000 people volunteer in the West

Lou Kirby runs Lockleaze cafe in Bristol Credit: ITV News

An estimated 220,000 people volunteer in some way in the West of England every month. If these volunteers were paid - it would have cost authorities £254 million.

Lou Kirby runs a cafe in Bristol, not to make money, she runs it seven days a week as a community resource.

She also cooks and delivers meals for people living at home who can't get out.

Tonight's programme is a special report on how the state of the economy has impacted our lives. Tune in at 6pm.

Have you started volunteering in the past 5 years? Email us

Pounds in your pocket? ITV West Country special on how the state of the economy impacts you

Do you feel better off than 5 years ago? Credit: PA: Joe Giddens

This evening's programme will be a special programme looking at what the state of the economy means to you.

In our region over £600 million has been cut from Council budgets and we will be analysing what that means for communities and businesses across the West.

Ben Barry from Bristol earns £8 an hour, which is above the minimum wage, but a delay in a tax credit claims meant he went for months without benefits money.

Ben was referred to a foodbank which he never thought he would have to use.

Tune in this evening at 6pm for our ITV West Country special.

First ever high-wire wedding takes place in Somerset

Professional rope walker Chris Bull will marry Phoebe Baker 25 metres in the air at Wookey Hole. Credit: ITV News

The UK's first ever high wire wedding takes place in Somerset later.

Professional rope walker Chris Bull will marry Phoebe Baker 25 metres in the air at Wookey Hole.

Starting from opposite ends of a 75 metre-long high-wire, the couple will meet in the middle and say 'I do'.

An ordained ringmaster will conduct the ceremony by megaphone from the ground.

Labour leader Ed Miliband in Bristol later

Ed Miliband pictured during the special BBC Question Time programme last night. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

With 6 days to go before the General Election, Ed Miliband will be in Bristol later.

The Labour leader will announce that if elected, his party will abolish the so called 'bedroom tax'.

Labour say they will make new funds available to offset the costs of the tax for all families currently paying it. The money would be distributed through local authorities.


"Our hearts will be broken forever": Family of little girl killed in crash speak out

The family of a two-year-old girl killed in a car crash in Avonmouth have released an emotional tribute to her.

Natasha May Packman died on Tuesday. The family have chosen not to release a photograph of her. A 46-year-old man has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

"On Tuesday morning we had our little girl, Natasha, taken from us, in a moment of awful, life-changing destruction.

“Our broken bones and cuts will heal over time, but our hearts will be broken forever.

“Our only consolation in all of this terrible sadness is that our beautiful daughter did not feel any pain and that she did not suffer during the last few hours of her precious life."

“When she woke up on Tuesday morning, it was a lovely April day, but she will see no more of them and will never collect Spring flowers again, as she so loved to do.

“We want to thank the incredible people who tried so hard to save our little girl on Tuesday and who are continuing to support us through this, as the nightmare continues.

“We will never forget the members of the public who came to help us, the teams of doctors; nurses; liaison specialists; emergency crews; police and the other wonderful professionals at the Bristol Children’s Hospital who cared for us on that most terrible of days."

“In all of this there is a heart-breaking sadness for us all, but a knowledge that the world is a good place, full of good people, who show love and kindness. It would have been a wonderful place for Tasha to have grown up in, if only she had been given the chance."

“She was a child who always had a ‘hello’ and a wave for people that she met, and who brought such smiles and pleasure to those that she encountered. We are left with memories and the knowledge that she felt loved, safe, happy and cherished by all those closest to her. She will never be here again, but she will also never leave us."

“We simply ask that you hold your own families close, that you sleep well in your beds and that you treasure every possible moment with your children; be grateful that you are not in this terrible situation and remember us in your thoughts.”

– The family of Natasha May Packman

Stroud woman rescued from Nepal says "huge thank you"

Ingrid Chiene said the village where she was staying was almost entirely destroyed. Credit: ITV News

A Stroud woman reunited with her children after being caught up in the devastation in Nepal has spoken of her relief and gratitude.

Ingrid Chiene was celebrating her fortieth birthday in a small village near Kathmandu, and had been in the country for less than a week when the 7.8-magnitude quake struck.

She said the village where she was staying was almost entirely destroyed by the earthquake, and that she could not believe the generosity of the local people, who reached out to stranded tourists despite their own homes being turned to rubble.

She also had nothing but praise for British embassy staff, and has said she wants to go back to the country to help.

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