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New burns research centre will help children like Ava

The burn on Ava's chest one month ago. Credit: ITV News West Country

When Ava was 10 months old, her parents had some friends round at their home in Brislington in Bristol.

Mother Clodagh Richardson says, because the friends do not have children, they are not aware of how quickly children can move, and they popped a cup of tea on their coffee table.

Ava came along, went to take a drink out of it, not realising it was hot, and it tipped all down her chest and burnt her from her neck to her navel.

One month on, and the scar is barely visible on Ava's chest. Credit: ITV News West Country

New research centre into child burns opens

A new children's burns research programme has started at Frenchay Hospital near Bristol.

£1.5 million will be spent researching new treatments for burns as well as looking at the psychological effects.

It will also focus on common problems in the home; such as tea scalds and burns from hair straighteners.

Professor Alan Emond from the University of Bristol and Clodagh Richardson, mother of 11 month old Ava who was scarred when a hot cup of tea scolded her, spoke to ITV News West Country at the launch on Monday: