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Mum gives birth early to fight cancer

Heidi Loughlin has given birth 12 weeks early Credit: Heidi Loughlin

A pregnant woman has given birth to her baby 12 weeks prematurely - so that she can begin treatment for breast cancer.

Heidi Loughlin, from Portishead, has a rare and aggressive form of the disease.

Doctors have recommended that she undertake intensive therapy, which could save her life, but would put the baby's health at risk. For months she's put her life at risk to save the life of her baby.

Today (Dec 11) Ally Louise Smith was born.

Keith and I are absolutely thrilled to announce the safe arrival of our daughter formally known as chocolate mousse.

She was born today via c section at 1237. She came out foot first and is breathing on her own. She weighs 2lb 5ozs. She has a Loughlin nose and she has more hair than me!!!

Will post photos soon but in the mean time please welcome Ally Louise Smith xxxxxx

– Heidi Loughlin

Bristol home to preventative cancer research

Credit: PA

A £4 million research programme to try and prevent and predict cancer development has begun in Bristol.

The 5 year programme is a partnership between the city's university and Cancer Research UK. It will use advances in genetics and molecular technology to understand the causes of the disease, and to inform the development of preventative interventions in people at risk of, or diagnosed with, cancer.

Family hold fundraiser for little boy with rare cancer

Kaylum Ryan has a rare form of cancer but it is hoped treatment in America will help Credit: Kisses for Kaylum

The family of a little boy with a rare form of cancer are trying to raise half a million pounds for treatment in the United States.

Kaylum Ryan from Bristol was only three when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2013. He was treated and given the all clear but this summer, the family were told the cancer had come back.

It is hoped a new procedure will help but it is not on the NHS and Kaylum will have to travel to New York.

A special "Kisses for Kaylum" charity evening is being held on 10 October to raise some of those much needed funds. You can find out more here.

Gloucester man who died of cancer inspires others through book

A 22 year old from Gloucester who died from a brain tumour is now inspiring thousands after publishing a book to help others cope with the disease.

Neil Vines was diagnosed with cancer when he was just 19. His book was completed just days before he passed away.

Our Health Correspondent Katie Rowlett met his brother to discuss how his story is helping others.

Neil Vines raised £5,500 on his own, then helped the Text Santa appeal to raise £6million. You can find out more about Neil's incredible story here:


  1. David Woodland

Family campaign for new cancer drug test

A cancer patient from Taunton who became the first teenager in Britain to have a metal port fitted to his head, has suffered a set back in his treatment.

James Willetts had a small hole put in his skull so that drugs could target the tumour directly without affecting the rest of his brain.

But it's failing to work. His family are now campaigning for a new drug to be trialled on James.

David Woodland reports.

Family win undisclosed settlement after cancer death

Lynn Rees from Kingswood died from cancer which went undetected for months Credit: Family

The family of a woman whose cancer went undetected by doctors for months say their incompetence robbed her of any chance of survival.

Lynn Rees from Kingswood in South Gloucestershire died aged 55 after an X-ray indicating a possible tumour wasn't followed up. Three years on, North Bristol NHS Trust has paid an undisclosed out-of-court settlement.

New breast care centre for Bristol's Southmead Hospital

A new breast cancer centre has opened at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

It'll serve patients all over the city, as well as South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. Services for diagnosis and treatment are under one roof for the first time. and the building has been designed with an emphasis on privacy.

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