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CPS: 'This was a disability hate crime'

The last care worker charged with ill-treating patients at Winterbourne View Hospital near Bristol has appeared in court to plead guilty.

It means 11 members of staff have now admitted abusing or neglecting vulnerable mental health patients.

Ann Reddrop from the Crown Prosecution Service read out the following statement outside Bristol Crown Court:

Patients rights were undermined in a 'brutal way' at Winterbourne View, says head of CPS

Safety and security, and the ability to live free from fear and harassment, are fundamental human rights. The kind of offending that took place at Winterbourne View undermined these rights in an appalling and systematically brutal way.

The CPS has treated these as Disability Hate Crimes, which we regard as particularly serious.

– Ann Redropp, Head of the CPS Complex Case Team


Winterbourne View: Detective says case would not have been possible without whistle blowers

The eleven individuals abused the trust of victims and that of their relatives and friends. They have all pleaded guilty to criminal offences of ill treatment and neglect as detailed within the Mental Health Act.

Had it not been for the actions of individuals who raised concerns about the neglect and cruelty suffered by the victims at Winterbourne View, this wholly unacceptable behaviour would have continued unchecked.

We now await sentencing which will bring the criminal justice process to a final conclusion."

– Detective Chief Superintendent Louisa Rolfe, CID
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