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Cornish girl walks for the first time after years in a wheelchair

A young girl from Cornwall who suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy has walked for the first time after taking up surfing.

Eight year old Madison Eddy, from Redruth, was born three months premature and had spent her life in a wheelchair.

But after a six week surfing course in St.Ives she's now walking without help.

Margaret and Martin Eddy Madison's adopted parents were overwhelmed seeing their daughter walk.

Rovers & Torquay fans raise £4,000 for Oskar

Bristol Rovers Chairman Nick Higgs presenting Oskar Pycroft and his mum Lizzy with more than £4,000 in donations at the New Year's Day game Credit: Neil Brookman

A total of £4,198.39 was raised by Bristol Rovers Supporters through bucket collections prior, during and after the New Year’s Day Torquay United match at the Memorial Stadium, to help pay towards an operation for 6 year-old Bristol City fan, Oskar Pycroft.

Oskar has bilateral spastic cerebral palsy. He can't stand, sit or walk without help and is in constant pain with his muscles and joints. Without complex medical intervention, Oskar faces a life of continuing pain and will never be able to walk independently.

An operation called SDR which could change his life. Surgeons will perform the operation in Bristol on a private basis as Oskar does not meet current NHS criteria.

Oskar’s mum Lizzy is aiming to raise £50k to enable Oskar to have this treatment in Bristol.

I would like to thank all our supporters and those of Torquay who gave so generously for Oskar‘s operation. This money, together with the Supporters Club quiz night and a donation from the Fans Forum, means the total donation from Bristol Rovers fans is in excess of £4,650 and I know this will greatly help boost Oskar’s operation appeal.

It is only right that there should be rivalry in Bristol which is all part of the excitement of football. However, what is even more important is that football is very much a family. It is at times like this that two football families in Bristol have rightly come together to support Oskar to help him walk. We wish the youngster every success with the operation ahead.

– Nick Higgs, Bristol Rovers Chairman

You can find out more about Oskar's appeal here.


Bristol City fans raise £10,000 for six-year-old Oskar

Bristol City fans have raised £10,000 for a young boy with cerebral palsy.

6-year-old Oskar Pycroft led the team out in his wheelchair ahead of their match against Preston North End on Saturday. The club have given their backing to a campaign to raise money for an operation in America which could help Oskar walk.

Oskar Pycroft leads out the team at Ashton Gate Credit: Bristol Sport
Bristol City Captain Wade Elliott pushes Oskar in front of thousands Credit: Bristol Sport
Oskar gives a high ten to the Robins mascot Credit: Bristol Sport
That all-important bucket - Saturday's collection at the ground raised £10,000 towards Oskar's operation Credit: Bristol Sport

Bristol City captain helps young fan raise money for operation

It's not everyday that the captain of Bristol City pops round to your house for a cup of tea to chat football but thats exactly what happened to 6 year old Oskar Pycroft.

Oskar suffers from cerebral palsy and Wade Elliott is lending his support as the family try to raise money for an operation in America which could help him walk.

A match to remember for one 6 year-old City fan

A six year-old Bristol City fan will be leading out the team in his wheelchair as they face Preston North End at Ashton Gate tomorrow.

Oskar Pycroft has cerebral palsy and other problems and his family are raising money for an operation in the USA, which could help him walk.

Their campaign has won the backing of the club.

'They're doing a bucket collection for my operation and do you know why I want the operation? So I can walk more.'

– Oskar Pycroft
Oskar at home with Robbins Captain Wade Elliot. Credit: ITV News
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