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A 5,000 mile run!

Jamie McDonald has already cycled 14,000 miles from Bangkok to his home city of Gloucester. Just two weeks later he spent 265 hours on a static bicycle; the world record is 224 hours.

As if that wasn't enough, he has a new project... He plans to run across Canada, coast to coast.

The distance is more than 5,000 miles. It is the equivalent of running 200 marathons, and he will do it all in 275 days.

Jamie suffers from a rare condition called Syringomyelia, when cysts or cavities form in the spine.

It meant he was in and out of hospital for most of his childhood. He now wants to raise money for the hospitals that helped him - Gloucestershire Royal's Pied Piper appeal and Great Ormond Street.


Text Santa: Anthony Nolan helps Dorset girl

The countdown is on to Text Santa, our big, star-studded charity fundraiser, on ITV1 tomorrow night.

It aims to raise money for six chosen charities, including Anthony Nolan that helps people with blood cancer.

One of those it helps is 9 year old Issy Miller from Dorset. She will spend this Christmas in hospital, isolated from the rest of the world, after under-going a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

She was diagnosed with Leukaemia in September but working with Anthony Nolan, Bristol Children's Hospital quickly found a donor match to go ahead with the procedure.

Richard Payne has followed Issy's story before and after the transplant:

For more information on Anthony Nolan, visit their website here.

And if you'd like to know more about Text Santa go here.

Text Santa: Marie Curie nurses care for terminally ill cancer patients and their families at home

Marie Curie Cancer Care is one of six charities to benefit from Text Santa - ITV's Christmas fundraiser. Marie Curie nurses help care for terminally ill patients in their homes, and offer emotional support to families. Catherine Le Roy is one such nurse.

For more information on Marie Curie Cancer Care click here

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Text Santa: Family of 11 year old Ethan Jones receive support from Children's Hospice South West

11 year old Ethan Jones has a very rare condition called Ring Chromosone 14. There are just 40 to 60 cases worldwide. It causes epilepsy, respiratory problems and global delay. It means Ethan needs care around the clock.

Children's Hospice South West helps families like Ethan's. Its three hospices in the region offer care for children who have illnesses which mean they wil die before reaching adulthood. It is supported by the charity, Together for Short Lives.

For more information on Together for Short Lives click here


Dancer prepares to restart challenge

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