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Boy with learning disability pushed off bike

Police in Cheltenham are appealing for information after a 16-year-old boy with a learning disability was pushed off his bike and threatened with harm by three youths.

The teenager was riding along the Honeybourne Line cycle path at about 4.30pm last Sunday afternoon (26 April) when he was approached by the three boys.

They pushed him off his bike and said they would hurt him with a knife, although no knife was seen.

A couple stopped to help the victim, who suffered a grazed knee in the fall, and walked him home.


300 walk through Cheltenham in memory of Hollie

Hollie was killed by her ex boyfriend in February 2014

Over 300 people will take part in a walk through Cheltenham today in memory of Hollie Gazzard.

This is the second year Hollie's father Nick has organised the event. Last year over £7,000 was raised for the charity set up in Hollie's name. The Hollie Gazzard Trust aims to promote the dangers of knife crime, reduce the level of domestic abuse and to help, support and fund young hairdressers in Gloucestershire through a partnership with Gloucestershire College.

The 20 year old hairdresser was stabbed to death at work by her ex boyfriend Asher Maslin.

The Walk 4 Hollie begins at 12:00 at Lansdown Park in Cheltenham and finishes six miles away at the King Teddy pub.

Johnson unhappy with some of his players

Gary Johnson was disappointed that he was unable to save Cheltenham from relegation to the Conference.

The former Yeovil Town and Bristol City manager criticised the attitudes of some of his players.

Johnson wouldn't say if he'd still be at Cheltenham next season, but is confident the club will bounce back:


Cheltenham Town are relegated to the Conference

Cheltenham Town have lost their football league status after a 1-0 defeat to Shrewsbury.

New manager Gary Johnson couldn't save them from relegation. It's the first time the team have been out of the Football League for 16 years.

Cheltenham Town lose their Football League status for the first time in 16 years. Credit: ITV West Country

In League One, Bristol City beat Chesterfield, while Swindon and Yeovil both lost their matches to Preston and Port Vale.

Police rescue lamb abandoned in Cheltenham church

The lamb is believed to be only two days old Credit: Gloucestershire Police

Police officers were called to the rescue when a newborn lamb was found abandoned at the back of a church in Cheltenham.

The animal was discovered by a group of school children last Tuesday. It was found sunburnt, dehydrated and still had its umbilical cord attached - it's believed to be only two days old.

Officers from Hesters Way brought the baby lamb safely back to the police station, and is now making a quick recovery with the RSPCA.

The lamb was found sunburnt and dehydrated Credit: Gloucestershire Police

We gave him a bit of water from a bottle and then he soon perked up. He was bleating and walking around the office for a good two hours, with a long nap in the middle, before being picked up by the RSPCA and taken to an orphaned and abandoned lamb sanctuary.

I have no doubt that if he had been left any longer then he would have died very quickly as it was a very hot day and he was unsheltered and unable to look after himself.

– PC Tania Kirby, Gloucestershire Police

Death row grandmother has grounds for appeal lawyer says

Lindsay Sandiford faces a firing squad after she was convicted of smuggling cocaine into Bali in May 2012

The family of a grandmother from Cheltenham, who faces the death penalty in Indonesia, are appealing for money to fund a final appeal against her sentence.

Lindsay Sandiford faces a firing squad after she was convicted of smuggling cocaine into Bali in May 2012. Her lawyer says there is a very strong argument for appeal.

BT responds to high speed broadband quarrel

BT has, and will continue to, talk straight to the community in Up Hatherley.

If any commercial company has already provided fibre broadband to an area, the government funded schemes – such as Fastershire – are not allowed to also offer public funding or support. In the absence of any help from other companies BT has offered to try and bridge this gap and jointly fund a new street cabinet. In the case of Up Hatherley we are endeavouring to support these 52 households and help them to pay for another cabinet. As a private company we can only go so far and we need to have a reasonable business case jointly agreed with people in the community. Cabinets like this can cost £20,000 - £25,000.

We are prepared to joint fund the building of the cabinet so that the cost to the residents is reduced to £9,000. It seems no other company is prepared to make such an offer.

– BT spokesman
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