Gas blast couple finally return home

A couple whose home was wrecked by a gas explosion in a next door property have been handed the keys to their new house.

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Cheltenham Borough Council outlines their stance on banksy

Cheltenham Borough Council outlines the situation with the banksy being removed from a listed building.

“This is a rather interesting situation as the building, and therefore the wall, is listed. Under section 9 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 any person who undertakes works which would affect its character as a ‘building of special architectural or historic interest’ without a listed building consent, would be committing an offence.

“The artwork itself is not part of the listing of the building. It is therefore not protected by the listing and its addition is not something that has been added in accordance with a listed building consent.

“Conversely, any works to remove the fabric of the building, (eg removal of brickwork), would need listed building consent.

“The owner has been made aware of the legal position for carrying out works to his property. Q Scaffolding has also been made aware, as contractors are also liable in the case of any legal proceedings that may be taken if an offence is committed. The Council is aware of plans to repair the render and make it safe, but not of anything more substantial.

“We hope that, by highlighting the Act, the owner will halt any works that may be planned and instead submit a listed building consent application for our consideration.”

– Jane Griffiths, director of commissioning


Scaffolding work continues around banksy in Cheltenham

Despite many people saying they're angry that 'Spybooth' is being removed scaffolding work continues.

Scaffolding work continues Credit: ITV News West Country

Sarah White is staging a protest in the phone box where Banksy's 'Spybooth' sits. She's been there for two hours already and despite the machine not taking coins is asking friends to phone her or making calls to free phone numbers in an effort to stay in the phone box as long as possible.

Sarah White is staging a protest in the phone box Credit: ITV News West Country

Additional security has been added around the site in case further protests take place. The rain has kept most away.

Council issue stop notice to prevent removal of banksy

The council have issued a stop notice to try to prevent the banksy being removed from a building in Cheltenham. They say it is because removing the brick work will damage the fabric of a listed building.

Meanwhile the city's Chamber of Commerce has been given 6 hours to raise over £1 million to keep the piece in place.


Fears that Banksy will be removed from Cheltenham house

Will Banksy be removed from the wall of this Cheltenham house Credit: ITV West Country

There are continuing fears a piece of Banksy artwork is being removed from a wall in Cheltenham. The company responsible also removed one of the artist's pieces from a wall in London. Yesterday they said they were there to repair the building.

This company removed a Banksy from a wall in London Credit: ITV West Country

Repairs for Banksy artwork wall in Cheltenham

Scaffolding has appeared around the Banksy artwork in Fairview road in Cheltenham. Local people are worried that the work, which has attracted hundreds of visitors, is being removed by the owner of the building.

But a builder told ITV news that the rendering at the top of the wall overlooking the work has cracked and "blown" making it unsafe, as pieces could fall onto people below.

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