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Stern words for Chew Valley students from Lord of the Rings star

Sir Ian McKellern as Gandalf the Wizard in Lord of the Rings Credit: PA

Lord of the Rings actor Sir Iain McKellen had some stern words for the pupils at Chew Valley School near Bristol during a recent visit. He was visiting the school to celebrate their work promoting human rights, opposing bullying and homophobic language and behaviour at school.

They recently addressed a Stonewall Conference in London and were made Stonewall Champions. Stonewall is an organisation set up by Sir Iain McKellen promoting equal rights.

Calls for people to take up regular exercise

There were warnings today that more needs to be done to encourage people to take part in regular exercise.

Organisers at a running event in the Chew Valley near Bristol say around a third of the population only completes 30 minutes exercise a week - well below the Government's recommendation.

So today they were promoting healthy living for all ages. Kevin Langdon reports: