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Traffic stuck in One Direction from Chippenham

Fans are flocking to see One Direction in Cardiff. Credit: BREUEL-BILD/ABB/DPA/Press Association Images

Stuck in a traffic jam tonight? You might be able to blame the world's biggest band.

There are reports of major traffic delays for 45 miles on the M4 Westbound stretching back to Chippenham.

This is more than just the Friday rush hour - people are flocking to a One Direction concert at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium (the Manic Street Preachers are also playing).


Is the tide turning against the Lib Dems?


Martin Horwood tells us he'll lose his seat

The Liberal Democrat candidate for Cheltenham, Martin Horwood, has conceded that he will lose his seat.

Will he be right? Join us for the results around 3:30am.

Count underway in Chippenham...and there's a lot of counting to do!

The count is underway in Chippenham.

More than 400 people will spend the next 3 hours counting around 55,500 ballot papers.

If those counting suspect a 'spoiled' paper they hold a red card in the air so an 'agent' can make a decision on whether it can be included or whether it must be discarded.

A deceleration is due around 04:30am although less than 2,500 seats separate the Lib Dems (who currently hold the seat) and Conservatives.

There was a recount in 2010 so don't be surprised if there is another in 2015.

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