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Lorry driver arrested in connection with people trafficking

20 men were found in a lorry at a Chippenham service station Credit: SWNS

Wiltshire police have arrested a lorry driver on suspicion of being involved in people trafficking. The man was arrested on Saturday afternoon after more than 20 men were found in a lorry at a truck stop near Chippenham.

The men, all from Afghanistan and Iran, were arrested on suspicion of entering the country illegally. and are now in the care of the Border Agency. The driver, a 26 year old Romanian man, has since been released on bail.

Four magistrates courts to close in months

The Government's announced that it's closing a series of court buildings around the West as part of a modernisation programme aimed at reducing under-used facilities. It comes despite strong local oppositiion which only succeeded in saving one of the threatened courts, in Bath.

Magistrates' courts at Chippenham, Stroud, Gloucester and Yate will be shut over the next few months, as will a tribunal building in Cheltenham. It's not clear how many jobs are affected, but for witnesses and defendants in those areas there will clearly be longer journeys to attend hearings.

The inclusion of Chippenham on the list is perhaps a surprise, since it is only 25 years old and was purpose built to meet high security standards. But it is only used 40% of the time and costs half a million pounds a year to run. We spoke to MP for Chippenham Michelle Donelan.

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