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Pilots warned to be on look out for 'sleigh powered by eight reindeer'

Credit: Ronald Wittek/DPA

Air traffic controllers have issued a special festive warning for anyone taking to the sky tomorrow.

National Air Traffic Services warned people to be on the look out for a "sleigh powered by eight reindeer" with an "erratic pilot later in the night due to drinking".

They've warned crews to look out for the vehicle - complete with a ninth reindeer with 'red air navigation light' - performing "high energy manoeuvres.

They say other pilots should be especially alert when "transiting areas of high concentrations of chimneys" - and should consult the "N.I.C.E list" for more details.

One slight powered by eight reindeer, with the addition of a possible ninth reindeer with a special red air navigation light in the case of fog or heavy snow fall, will transit the UK.

Crews are to be especially alert when transiting areas of high concentrations of chimneys.

Consult latest edition of the N.I.C.E list for details.

Sleigh will be performing high energy manoeuvres and will be unable to comply with the normal rules of the air.

Sleigh weight turbulence cat. will also change from 'super heavy' to 'light' as cargo is delivered.

Erratic flying it to be expected later in the night due to festive drinking undertaken by the pilot.

– National Air Traffic Services
Credit: PBG/EMPICS Entertainment
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