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"Treecycle" your Christmas tree

As the festive season draws to a close, we're being asked to 'treecycle' when we get rid of our Christmas trees. Somerset Waste Partnership says they can be composted, chipped or shredded instead of sending them to landfill where it will produce greenhouse gases.

Even tiny trees can be recycled - although the Somerset Waste Partnership recommends replanting those in pots Credit: ITV West


Text Santa: Anthony Nolan helps Dorset girl

The countdown is on to Text Santa, our big, star-studded charity fundraiser, on ITV1 tomorrow night.

It aims to raise money for six chosen charities, including Anthony Nolan that helps people with blood cancer.

One of those it helps is 9 year old Issy Miller from Dorset. She will spend this Christmas in hospital, isolated from the rest of the world, after under-going a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

She was diagnosed with Leukaemia in September but working with Anthony Nolan, Bristol Children's Hospital quickly found a donor match to go ahead with the procedure.

Richard Payne has followed Issy's story before and after the transplant:

For more information on Anthony Nolan, visit their website here.

And if you'd like to know more about Text Santa go here.

Getting away for some guaranteed sunshine

Bristol Airport has seen the start of its busiest time of the year. 8 flights left in the space of just 20 minutes this morning, with travellers heading to destinations such as Malta, Palma and Sharm el Sheik.

56,000 people will leave from the airport over the next few days - an average of 120 flights and 14,500 passengers every day.

As Tanya Mercer reports, there are those coming back home to the south west for Christmas too:

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