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Pilots warned to be on look out for 'sleigh powered by eight reindeer'

Credit: Ronald Wittek/DPA

Air traffic controllers have issued a special festive warning for anyone taking to the sky tomorrow.

National Air Traffic Services warned people to be on the look out for a "sleigh powered by eight reindeer" with an "erratic pilot later in the night due to drinking".

They've warned crews to look out for the vehicle - complete with a ninth reindeer with 'red air navigation light' - performing "high energy manoeuvres.

They say other pilots should be especially alert when "transiting areas of high concentrations of chimneys" - and should consult the "N.I.C.E list" for more details.

One slight powered by eight reindeer, with the addition of a possible ninth reindeer with a special red air navigation light in the case of fog or heavy snow fall, will transit the UK.

Crews are to be especially alert when transiting areas of high concentrations of chimneys.

Consult latest edition of the N.I.C.E list for details.

Sleigh will be performing high energy manoeuvres and will be unable to comply with the normal rules of the air.

Sleigh weight turbulence cat. will also change from 'super heavy' to 'light' as cargo is delivered.

Erratic flying it to be expected later in the night due to festive drinking undertaken by the pilot.

– National Air Traffic Services
Credit: PBG/EMPICS Entertainment



Major job losses as paper mill closes

Wansbrough Paper Mill is due to close today with the loss of 176 jobs Credit: ITV News

More than 170 people will be left jobless over Christmas with the closure of a Somerset town's biggest employer.

Staff at Wansbrough paper mill in Watchet will clock off for the last time this afternoon. It marks the end of a manufacturing tradition dating back more than 250 years.

The plant owners, DS Smith, have blamed the loss of a major contract and the need for huge investment to bring the mill up-to-date.

88,000 workers in the SW won't get Christmas Day off

Spare a thought for the NHS staff who will have to work over Christmas Credit: ITV News

The Trade Union Centre is urging people to spare a thought for those having to work on Christmas.

It has revealed 88,000 people in the South West would not have the day off. It's an increase of 4,000 over the last three years.

Medical staff and care workers make up a large share of those working.

1 in 31
employees in the South West are set to work

Christmas Day is a special day that millions of us spend with our nearest and dearest. So we should all spare a thought for the people who will be hard at work while we're opening our presents, tucking into the turkey and relaxing with our families. Many on duty on Christmas Day will be on low pay, especially in sectors like hospitality and social care.


Santa and his elves have an underwater adventure

Did Santa forget the presents when he visited the Plymouth attraction Credit: National Marine Aquarium

Clearly Santa leaves no stone unturned in his quest to reach all the children of the world this Christmas.

Here he is taking the plunge at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. He and his elves took a dive in the Eddystone Reef tank - along with more than 70 species of fish.

Wonder how many of them were on the naughty or nice list...

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