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Fenced off Cirencester playground finally opens

The Cotswold District Council run playground has opened with no changes. Credit: ITV West

A brand new playground, kept closed after complaints that it was too bright, has finally opened.

Cotswold District Council fenced off the playground in Cirencester for almost a year after residents complained the swings and slides were out of keeping with the neighbourhood.

It has now opened without any changes.

Playground repainting plans scrapped

Some residents complained that the playground at Corinium Via was too bright. Credit: ITV News West Country

Plans to redecorate a Cirencester playground after complaints were made about it being "too bright" have been scrapped.

The opening of the playground at Corinium Via had been delayed for the work to be carried out. But a campaign to get the facility open was launched by local people.

Some residents had complained the playground did not blend in with its surroundings.


Row over brightly coloured playground

Parents say they're frustrated that a new children's playground has been fenced off for nearly a year because it's the wrong size and colour. Some residents in Cirencester complained that the swings and slides are too bright and "out of keeping" in the neighbourhood.

Cotswold District Council told us it has now given the go-ahead to change the lay-out of the play area and to re-paint it. Jane Solomons reports.