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50 years since sonic boom tests for the Concorde

It has been 50 years since sonic boom tests for Concorde took place over Bristol. Credit: PA

It has been 50 years since sonic boom tests for the Concorde took place over Bristol.

Scientists were looking at what the effect of breaking the sound barrier would have on properties back on the ground.

People reported hearing a loud bang which in some cases shattered the windows in homes.



Concorde to get a roof over its head

Concorde making its final touch down at Filton - where it is to be housed permanently Credit: PA

Concorde is to get a permanent home. South Gloucestershire council has granted planning permission for an aerospace museum at the former Filton airfield, near where the iconic jet was made - and made its final touch down in 2003.

World War I hangars are to be refurbished to provide an indoor exhibition for the supersonic aircraft. They will also house the Bristol Aero Collection - the trust has been awarded a £4.7m Heritage Lottery Fund grant for the project.

Finding a permanent home for Concorde at its birthplace in Filton is fantastic news for the people of South Gloucestershire and for the iconic aircraft which will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Once up and running, the museum is set to become one of the most popular visitors’ attractions in the West, bringing many economic benefits to the region while celebrating the history of the aerospace industry past, present and future.

– Cllr Matthew Riddle, Leader of South Gloucestershire Council
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