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Four taken to hospital after M4 crash

Four people were taken to hospital after a coach and three cars collided on the M4 near Bristol this afternoon. It happened between junctions 19(M32) and 20 (M5).

Afurther 29 patients – including all the occupants of the coach and a family offour in one of the cars – were assessed, treated and cleared on scene.

The four patientsrequiring hospital treatment were in two of the cars – the most seriouslyinjured being a woman who suffered chest injuries, including potential broken ribs.


Verdict in Balloon Death Inquest

Inexperience and flying at such high altitude were combining factors in the deaths of two Bristol men who died when their hot air balloon crashed in Somerset, according to the coroner at the inquest into their deaths.

Delivering a narrative verdict, Maria Voisin, at Flax Bourton Coroners Court, said Lee Pibworth and Allan Burnett were inexperienced with some of the equipment they were using and this played a part in the crash that led to their deaths in January last year.

Inquest hears how a balloon record attempt ended in disaster

An inquest heard the details of the moment a balloon carrying two men plummeted to the ground after attempting to break a high altitude record.

Lee Pipworth and Allan Burnett set off from Chelwood in Somerset, before they came down on a bowling green in Midsomer Norton on New Year's Day last year.

Eyewitnesses from several villages around the crash site have described how they saw the deflated balloon hurtling towards the ground. Richard Lawrence reports.


Balloon deaths inquest: Off duty fireman first to arrive on scene

Martin Coward, a fireman returning from a nightshift in Bath, was the first to arrive on the scene. He also saw the balloon hurtling towards the ground 'very loud and fast'.

When he reached the basket he said he could see a man sitting up inside but no sign of movement. He assumed the man was unconscious but he couldn't reach him because it was too hot.

Inquest is being held into the deaths of two men killed in a hot air balloon crash

An Inquest is being held into the deaths of two men from Bristol who were killed when their hot air balloon crashed in Somerset last year.

Lee Pibworth and Allan Burnett both died when the craft hit the ground in Midsomer Norton on New Year's Day.

An official report into the incident by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch found a combination of factors, including possible inexperience, were to blame for the crash.

Allan Burnet Credit: ITV West Country
Lee Pibworth Credit: SWNA
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