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Watch: 4 men steal over "a million pounds" worth of jewellery in broad daylight

Footage: Michael Gore

Police are investigating after a robbery at a jewellers on Princess Victoria Street in Clifton, Bristol at approximately 12.50pm today.

The owner of the store, Stephen Grey-Harris, told ITV News that he believes that the men got away with jewellery worth "in excess of one million pounds."

Four offenders arrived at the scene on motorbikes and used weapons to smash the store windows.

Princess Victoria Street remains closed as police continue to investigate the incident.

The scene after the robbery. Credit: ITV News


Police advice for making your home safer

Credit: PA

Avon and Somerset Police are giving people advice on how to make your home safer.

Officers recommend:

- always using a door chain when you have an unexpected caller

- fitting motion sensing security lights around your property

- keeping tools locked up in a secure shed or garage

- making sure garden furniture and wheelie bins can’t be moved to gain access to upstairs windows

- locking up and setting the alarm, if you have one, at night as well as when you go out hiding your keys and handbag or wallet safely out of sight

- never leaving your keys in the back of the door or window

- keeping cash in the bank

- keeping jewellery and other high-value items with a specialist secure storage company

- keeping photographs and a description of items with sentimental value

- using a traceable asset marking liquid on items like jewellery or antiques

- using timer light switches to make it look like there’s someone home

Pet ducks decapitated during burglary

Police have been going door to door in the area. Credit: PA

Pet ducks have reportedly being decapitated during a spate of burglaries in a village in Gloucestershire.

Sheds and garages were targeted at three homes in Newport, near Berkeley, on Sunday night. Thousands of pounds worth of property was taken.

  • 11:30pm - 8am: a shed burglary where offenders forced entry and stole a lawnmower, wheelbarrow and other power tools
  • 7pm - 7am: a garage burglary. Two large compressors and a bike were stolen
  • time unknown: a shed burglary. Bikes stolen, and offenders tried to break into a caravan. The victim reported that her ducks had been decapitated

Police conducted house to house enquiries in the area, and are asking people to follow their crime prevention advice.

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