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Environment Sec to look at dairy farmers' problems

Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss at the recent Conservative Party Conference Credit: PA

The Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss is chairing a meeting this lunchtime to discuss the pressures facing dairy farmers.

Some say the price they are paid for their milk has been cut by as much as 20% in the past six months and, in some cases, is falling below the cost of producing it.


Full report: Dairy farmers sell off their herd

A couple have sold off their entire herd of cows because they say they can't make a living as dairy farmers anymore. As we reported earlier in the week, Chris Gott and his partner Rosalind have been busy preparing for their auction.

Now all their cows have been sold and our Gloucestershire Correspondent Ken Goodwin has been to see them on their first day without their cattle.

Dairy farmers to sell off their herd

Rosalind Cookson will be particularly sad to let go of Snowy Credit: ITV West

A couple who have been dairy farmers all of their lives will sell off their herd tomorrow. Chris Gott and Rosalind Cookson from Gloucestershire say they have had enough of working hard for little gain and are getting out of the industry.

Despite a new agreement that's been drawn up between dairy farmers and milk processors, they don't believe there's a long term future in the industry.

Rosalind Cookson and Chris Gott are giving up dairy farming at Nashend Farm Credit: ITV West

Chris Gott says it's too hard to go on.

"How can you keep going forward if you keep getting knocked down? The prices of the milk. I mean we've got a young family. My son is quite keen on the cows but I don't want him to do dairy because there is no money in it".