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Could this video find a home for an abandoned dog?

Murdoch has a GoPro fitted in a bid to show off his many talents Credit: GRWE

An animal charity says there's a been a significant drop in the number of homes they've been able to find for stray dogs.

They're so desperate to find an owner for one of their charges that they've made a video about him.

Murdoch the lurcher was abandoned as a puppy. He has now been looked after by the charity near Bath for a year. But despite his loveable ways, no-one has taken him in.

You can find out more about the charity, Greyhound Rescue West of England, here.

And you can watch the video here:

Depressed rescue dog may have finally found a new home

Jasper was sometimes too depressed to get out of bed Credit: ITV News

Last week we told viewers about Jasper the depressed rescue dog.

He's been without a permanent home for so long that sometimes he's too depressed to get out of bed.

Since we featured Jasper on our programme, staff at his animal rehoming centre near Chard say they've had nearly 600 enquiries about taking him in.

The Springer Spaniel has been at the centre for six months but will hopefully now have a new owner very soon.

Credit: Ferne Animal Sanctuary


Meet Murdoch, the dog who's desperate for a home

Murdoch has been at the rescue centre for 12 months Credit: Greyhound Rescue WoE

Staff at a greyhound rescue charity near Bath say they desperately need a home for one their most loved dogs.

Murdoch, a three year old lurcher, was found abandoned as a puppy.

He's been at the centre for 12 months, but no one has taken him in.

The charity says there's been a significant drop in the amount of dogs being re-homed.

Stolen puppy returned to Bristol Dogs and Cats Home

Five month old Fox has been returned safe and sound Credit: ITV News

Fox, a five month old Chihuahua cross puppy who was taken from Bristol Dogs and Cats Home during the early hours of Sunday, 20 September has been returned to the centre.

Staff believe her safe return is down to the power of Social Media.

Thank you to everyone who has made little Fox too hot to handle! All 705,000 of you who have viewed her post, all 17,000 of you who have shared it and all 2000 of you who have commented on out page alone.


She has been returned to us and is not harmed. We cannot give anymore details at present as this is still a police matter. But thank you so so much for all you support through these very difficult few days.

The power of social media wins again.

– RSPCA Bristol on Facebook

Tiny puppy stolen from Bristol Dogs and Cats Home

Fox the chihuahua cross puppy has been stolen from Bristol Dogs and Cats Home Credit: RSPCA Bristol

A five month old Chihuahua cross puppy has been stolen from Bristol Dogs and Cats Home during the early hours of Sunday, 20 September.

Staff at the Bristol rescue centre feared the young female dog, named Fox, may have been stolen to be used for breeding, although she has only just been spayed.

Fox was stolen during the night and police are investigating.

Jodie Hayward, the centre’s manager said that, despite the charity being staffed 24/7 the robbery had been a highly skilled operation. She said they used professional tools and knew which kennel she was in.

The centre is concerned that Fox's operation wound could become infected Credit: RSPCA Bristol

It is sickening to think that these heartless people have planned this operation so carefully, and now one of our special dogs has been stolen and we are terrified for her safety.

We have done everything possible to prevent this from ever happening, but as you will all know, no place, property or area is ever completely safe from these criminals.

Please share this story far and wide, she could be anywhere by now

– Jodie Hayward, Bristol Dogs and Cats Home

If anybody has any information about where Fox could be, they can contact Avon and Somerset Police on 101 quoting reference 318 of 20 September 2015.

Can Shaun the Sheep find a home for Anne the Dog?

Bristol Dogs and Cats Home has taken one of their homeless dogs on an extra special long walk to try to get her adopted.

Staffordshire bull terrier Anne has been with the charity for the last eight months. So they've taken the three year-old to visit all 70 of the Shaun in the City sculptures around Bristol to help her find a "forever home."

We sent our "lead" correspondent Matthias Kurth to find out more.


Fireman rescue Labrador with its head stuck in a pram

Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service have tweeted that they were called to rescue a pet Labrador who had got its head stuck in a pram.

The incident happened in early this morning at around 7am in Warminster.

The dog has been released and is uninjured but he might not be going near a pram again anytime soon.

South West police dog to compete in national competition

PC Andrew Jerreat and four year old Police Dog ‘Elmo’ are representing Tri Force Operations at the National Police Dog trials Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

Avon and Somerset Police duo PC Andrew Jerreat and four year old Police Dog ‘Elmo’ are representing Tri Force Operations at the National Police Dog trials today.

The four day event is in Stirling where 21 police dog teams from various forces across the UK put through their paces to identify who are the top dogs in the country.

The dogs and their handlers will be assessed on the full range of police dog duties including tracking, obedience, criminal work and crowd control.

PC Jerreat entered the South West and Wales Regional Dog Assessments in March. He fought off stiff competition from 12 officers and qualified to attend the nationals.

This will be my first time in the nationals and I am really looking forward to the challenge. I am very proud of Elmo, he is an outstanding partner.

Elmo has been with me for 3 years and he came to me as a puppy from our breed scheme.

We have worked hard to become a team and continually strive for excellence.

– PC Andrew Jerreat

'Pay me £500 or I'll chop up your dog' - pensioner blackmailed over missing pup

A pensioner has been blackmailed with cruel phone calls threatening to cut up her beloved dog unless she pays hundreds of pounds.

Vivienne Garton began to receive the vile messages after he West Highland Terrier Ben disappeared from her garden on April 12.

Ben is ten years old and partially sighted

The worried 65-year-old put up posters over her home of Knowle, appealing for her pooch's return.

But one of the numbers was called twice by an anonymous 'middle-aged man' who threatened to harm the family pet unless Vivienne pays £500.

He left an address of an empty house in Bristol, which frail Vivienne has now handed over to police.

Ben is ten years old, partially sighted, partially deaf, and struggles to walk for long distances.

Avon and Somerset police have confirmed they are now investigating an incident of blackmail. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

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