Dorset farmer frustrated over TB delays

One of Dorset's leading farmers says he's increasingly frustrated with the Government's decision not to extend badger culling trials.

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David Tennant and Olivia Coleman return to west country for new series of Broadchurch

David Tennant and Olivia Coleman return to west country Credit: Broadchruch

David Tennant and Olivia Coleman will be returning to the west country for a new series of Broadchurch. The ITV drama which was watched by 9 million people last year is filmed in and around West Bay in Dorset and in Clevedon in North Somerset.

The second series has been penned by Chris Chibnall, who created and wrote the first series. He has previously said that the new run will be "completely different".

ITV's director of drama Steve November said: "We're delighted Broadchurch is back in production, but we're remaining tight-lipped about how the story develops.

"Suffice to say Chris has delivered as always and the scripts are just as exciting as the first series."

Executive producer Jane Featherstone said: "The reaction to Broadchurch from UK viewers has been incredible. So we'd like viewers to enjoy the new series knowing as little as possible about what's to come and for the story to unfold in real time."

Baby swans hatch in Dorset

Swans like these will be seen around Dorset Credit: Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

The first baby swans have hatched at the Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset.

The new cygnets herald the arrival of summer according to folklore. Staff say they're a couple of weeks earlier than usual and are surprised because the winter storms disrupted the nesting season.

Chicks have hatched on three nests so far. More chicks are expected later in the week.

TB hits farm of Dorset badger cull campaigner

A Dorset farmer who campaigned for the Badger Cull to be extended into the county, has spoken of his despair at the discovery of TB on his farm.

This afternoon Paul Gould from West Stour began the heartbreaking task of loading a quarter of his prize cattle onto a lorry to be taken off for slaughter. Eli-Louise Wringe has spent the day on the farm and has this report.

Dorset farmer's cows test positive for TB

Paul Gould is having to send 36 of his cows to slaughter after they tested positive for TB. Credit: ITV News West Country

The chairman of the Dorset branch of the National Farmers' Union Paul Gould is having to send 36 of his cows to slaughter after they tested positive for TB.

Mr Gould was heavily involved in the unsuccessful campaign to extend the badger cull to Dorset.


Sextuplets born to sheep in Dorset

This sheep at Colesmoor Farm in Dorset is the proud mother of sextuplets Credit: Farm Stay UK

A rare set of sextuplet lambs have been born at a farm in Toller Porcorum near Dorchester. They arrived last week are still thriving.

Rorie Geddes, the owner of Colesmoor Farm, says, "Although we have lots of triplets and quadruplets and the occasional quintuplet from our 300 ewes, we have never heard of a commercial ewe having six good lambs. Mum to the six healthy lambs is a five year old Roussin cross Mule ewe.

"She had been scanned to have five lambs so it was a nice surprise for Emily, our night time lamber, when a sixth turned up. She will probably rear three of them and the other three will join our other orphan lambs.”


Coastguard statement on 'tragic, complex rescue'

Mark Rodaway, Portland Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Manager gave this statement with regards to the inquest into the death of Charlotte Furness-Smith.

Any death at sea is a tragedy and has a profound impact on the family, friends and all those involved in the search and rescue operation. Our thoughts are with those that have been affected during this difficult time.This was a complex rescue, with winds gusting up to 60mph, horrendous sea conditions combined with high tide and limited access to the cave. This was proven when one of our Coastguard Rescue Officers risked his own life when attempting to abseil down a narrow blow hole.

I am confident the Coastguard helicopter crew, Coastguard Rescue Teams and the RNLI lifeboat crews on scene that day made every effort while there was still a chance of a successful rescue outcome.”

– Mark Rodaway, Portland Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Manager
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