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Ozzy Osbourne filming at Stonehenge for TV series

Heavy metal star Ozzy Osbourne and his son Jack have been out filming in the West Country. The reality TV star Tweeted about his visit to the ancient monument. It is believed the pair are making a TV series in the region but they have not said exactly what is involved.

Jack described the day as "getting our history lesson on".

The Osbournes were also spotted filming on Portland - they dropped into a local stone company while they were there.



Girls think they're not clever enough to be scientists

Girls think they're not clever enough to be scientists Credit: ITV News

Almost half of girls in the South West think they're not clever enough to be scientists.

That's according to the energy group EDF.

It's starting a campaign to change perceptions and encourage schoolgirls to consider careers in science.

The #PrettyCurious programe is being backed by wildlife presenter Liz Bonnin.

Both girls and boys enjoy and show great aptitude in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects at school but at some point many girls seem to disengage with them.

There is no area of our lives that isn't affected by science, meaning that there’s a STEM subject and career out there for everyone, whether you're analytical or more creative.

It’s important that we support today's young people, nurturing their curiosity, encouraging them to pursue their passion and find the right fit for them, so that in the future they can embark on fulfilling and exciting careers and help shape the world around them.

– Liz Bonnin, biochemist, wild animal biologist & TV presenter
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