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Dyson announces £250 million expansion in Malmesbury

Wiltshire technology firm Dyson has announced a further expansion of its Malmesbury site, creating a further 3,000 jobs. The firm's founder Sir James Dyson has also pledged to invest a further billion in developing a hundred new products over the next four years.

The company will also increase production at its manufacturing plants in Singapore and Malaysia, and extend a research programme in universities.

This is in addition to a previously announced plan for a £250 million campus expansion at its Malmesbury site, creating three thousand jobs.

We must relentlessly invent - that's why we are investing in our research footprint here in the UK and investing in our manufacturing capabilities in South East Asia.

– Sir James Dyson

Sir James has also revealed that he would vote to leave the EU, saying Germany is too dominant.

Dyson expansion plans

Wiltshire based Dyson will today be submitting plans for a £250 million pound expansion.The plans for the factory based in Malmesbury would create 3,000 jobs with the first of the new development facilities aiming to be open by 2016.

The plans are being backed by the local council but some people living in the area are concerned it could lead to major traffic.

Wiltshire based Dyson wants to build a £ 250 million pound expansion. Credit: ITV
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