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Ed Miliband: quick fire questions

We've put five key West Country questions to Labour leader Ed Miliband today. But there was a catch; he was only allowed to answer yes, no, or maybe.

See how he got on:

Watch ITV West Country at 6pm tonight for the full interview, including the Labour leader's thoughts on the deficit, GP waiting times, taxation, and why he's going to fight for the West.

WATCH: Ed Miliband answers your questions

Our presenter Kylie Pentelow has been traveling around the West asking you to record your very own Election Selfies.

You've been sending in your questions and comments for the country's leaders in the run up to the election.

Now we've put your questions to the Labour Leader Ed Miliband.

Have a look at how he got on below, and if you want to record an Election Selfie of your own please send the short video to


Ed Miliband tells Ian Axton "I will pay the mansion tax"

Labour leader Ed Miliband says he will probably have to pay the new mansion tax.

His party wants to introduce it and use the proceeds to pay for more staff in the NHS.

Recent reports suggest that Mr Miliband's London home is worth £2.6 million.

When asked if could afford the mansion text he responded "I'm a relatively well paid person".

I haven't done the calculation but for houses between £2 - £3 million its £250 in addition to the council tax. I suspect I'll be in that bracket .

– Ed Miliband, Labour Leader

Miliband on reports an offshore company gave Labour thousands of pounds

It's claimed today that Labour accepted £20,000 from a company whose owner is registered in the British Virgin Islands - a so called offshore tax haven.

It comes after the Labour leader said the Tories were a party of "Mayfair hedge fund and Monaco tax avoiders".

During an interview with ITV News West Country Mr Miliband was asked if registering a company in the British Virgin Islands was tax avoidance or not.

I'm not going to comment on the details of a situation that I haven't seen the details of.

– Ed Miliband, Labour Leader

Ed Miliband visits Swindon

Ed Miliband visits Tetronics International in Swindon Credit: ITV West Country/Bob Constantine

Labour leader Ed Miliband was in Swindon today where he hopes Labour can reclaim two seats at the next general election

He took a tour around Tetronics International which specialises in turning waste material into commercial products and is a big employer in the area.

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