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  1. Richard Payne

Egyptian pharaohs head to Bristol

The biggest exhibition of Egyptian artefacts to be taken around this country, will be displayed in Bristol.

It opens to the public this weekend at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery and is being described as the most significant collection of its kind ever to tour the UK. So what will you be able to see? Our reporter Richard Payne has been finding out.

Man feared drowned in Egypt

A man is feared to have drowned after failing to resurface while scuba-diving at a holiday resort in Egypt.

Steve Cracknell, 46, from North Cadbury near Castle Cary, had been taking a lesson off the coast of Sharm el-Sheik. Both he and his instructor are missing.

Tributes have been left at Mr Cracknell's home. A spokesperson for the foreign office said his family with being provided with assistance.