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Farmers block Tesco distribution centre

Farmers blocked the Tesco distribution centre at Avonmouth late last night - in the ongoing battle over falling dairy prices. The Farmers for Action group organised the protest in the latest of demonstrations over money.

Farmers protest at Avonmouth Credit: Farmers for Action
Farmers protest at Avonmouth Credit: Farmers for Action

Tesco increases farmers' milk price

Farmers staged protests this summer over low milk prices Credit: ITV West

Farmers in the westcountry who supply milk to Tesco are to get a pay rise of just over 2p a litre from next month. It follows a summer of protests over planned price cuts which saw a series of blockades at dairy processors including Robert Wiseman near Bridgwater.

Morrisons and the Co-Op hiked their prices following the demonstrations. Tesco says the new price of up to 31.58p per litre follows a regular review and is not connected to the protests.