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Funding for flood defences in Somerset

The Somerset Levels will get £4.2 million to spend on flood defences Credit: PA

The Government will spend 15 and a half million pounds on flood defences in Somerset over the next six years.

More than four million (4.2) will go towards the Somerset Levels and Moors. Seven thousand properties are expected to benefit from the money.

The Treasury has also promised more funding to improve the rail link through Dawlish which was badly damaged in the winter storms.

More funding has been promised for the rail link at Dawlish Credit: PA

Sir James Dyson to improve flood defences in Malmesbury

Sir James Dyson, the inventor and entrepreneur, may step in to improve flood defences in the Wiltshire town of Malmesbury, where his company headquarters are based. Recent floods in the town were the worst for half a century.

And several families are unlikely to be able to return to their homes for months. Watch Robert Murphy's report.