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Bristol Assistant Mayor who opposed port sale sacked by email

George Ferguson and his cabinet in happier times. Mark Bradshaw is second from left in the back row. Credit: ITV News

Bristol Mayor George Ferguson has sacked Assistant Mayor Mark Bradshaw, who has opposed plans to sell off the council's stake in Avonmouth Docks.

Cllr Bradshaw says he received an email last night telling him there was "no longer a place for you in my cabinet".

The pair butted heads on Twitter, with the Mayor saying the sacking was nothing to do with the port, but that Bradshaw was using the cabinet to "play politics".

Ferguson said in a statement that Bradshaw chose to u-turn on the decision to sell the port, while Bradshaw said he had expressed concerns over the sale since discussions began.

Speaking to the Bristol Post, he implied the Mayor wanted to remove him because he hopes to run as Labour's mayoral candidate next year.

Traders furious as Clifton roads close ahead of schedule

No way through for shoppers Credit: ITV West Country News

Traders along busy Princess Victoria Street in Clifton were left furious when the road closed on Thursday - three days ahead of schedule.

The closure is necessary for work on the Residents Parking Scheme which is set to start in March.

Confusion over when the work was to start and end has ignited anger with shopkeepers who claim their businesses have been affected.

Work begins for the Residents Parking Scheme Credit: ITV West Country News

It's a disgrace. The signs said they were going to close the street on the 24th but they went ahead anyway. We've still got the shoppers but no one was aware of what was going on

– Stephen Bullimore, Owner of Instep Shoes
The council have apologised Credit: ITV West Country News

The Council have since apologised for starting the work so quickly.

Because we had reasonably good weather the contractor got ahead of their works programme, which means we didn't have the Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders in place to close the Princess Victoria Street. Once we became aware of this the road was re-opened and we apologised for any inconvenience caused.

– Council Spokesperson


Charlotte Leslie criticises Bristol Mayor's parking plan

A controversial plan to end free parking on Bristol's Durdham Downs has been criticised by the area's MP.

Charlotte Leslie and two local councillors say Mayor George Ferguson's plan to remove 500 spaces will outrage residents and commuters who are already opposed to Residents' Parking Zones.


All-day free Durdham Down parking could be abolished

Free parking on Durdham Downs could be abolished Credit: ITV West Country/Richard Payne

All-day free parking on Bristol's historic Durdham Down could be abolished.

It's the latest controversial attempt to cut down on commuters using the city's streets. Mayor George Ferguson has divided opinion with a rapid roll-out of residents' parking zones and now risks further anger by removing the 500 spaces. He insists it's for long-term good of the city.

Mayor backs extension of Make Sunday Special

Bristol Mayor George Ferguson says he wants to see the popular Make Sunday Special scheme extended to other parts of the city. At present part of the city centre is closed to traffic once a month to host entertainment and boost trade

Bristol Mayor faces 'no confidence' debate

Bristol Mayor George Ferguson will face a 'no confidence' debate later today over the way he's introduced residents' parking schemes.

Protesters have submitted a petition of more than 5000 signatures, enough to force a council debate.

Seven out of twelve proposed zones have now been approved, but campaigners argue they hit trade and force businesses to move.

Tonight's debate is purely a symbolic gesture, as the city's 70 councillors do not have the power to remove a directly-elected mayor from office.

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